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What is the voltage and amp service at the street before it steps down to the residence?

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The voltage and ampacity can vary depending on the demand of the neighborhood. The voltage is typicaly 240 volt with the amperage capacity varying. Answer 7,200 volts goes to the transformer on the pole, amperage varies.
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Why current step down in voltage step up transformer?

In an ideal transformer, Power In = Power Out Example: The input voltage of 115vac @10amps is stepped up to 230vac, so what is the secondary current? 115 x 10 = 230 x I

What is a device that steps up or steps down the DC voltage?

As transformers do not work with DC., the answer is a voltage  divider network (step down) or a voltage multiplier network (step  up).

What is the equation for calculating the dc output voltage for a given ac input voltage to a step-down transformer?

There is no such equation, since the output of a step-down transformer is not DC. The AC output is simply the input voltage divided by the turns ratio. So, if the input voltag

How do you step down voltage in transformers?

step up or stepdown is done by the ratio of the number of turns in the primary / secondary coil, large number on high voltage side small number on low voltage side. the wire u

Can you change 100 amp service to 200 amp service?

Home owner big job Yes but none of the equipment from the 100 amp service can be reused, it will be a total rebuild. It is a complicated job in as much as you have to know wi

What is the combination of voltage and amps?

  Specifically, Volts and Amps would be called VA or volt amps, as in the rating of a transformer, but it is loosely referred to as Watts. In DC theory, Volts mulitplied b

When a transformer steps down a power source what will remain the same the frequency the voltage or the current or none of these?

The frequency remains the same as one cycle in the primary corresponds to one cycle in the secondary.  The stepdown voltage on the secondary as a ratio of the voltage on the

A step-up transformer has 200 turns on the primary coil and 3000 turns on the secondary coil The source to the primary coil has a voltage of 90 volts and a current of 30 amps?

  If a step-up transformer has 200 turns on the primary coil and 3000 turns on the secondary coil, with a primary coil voltage of 90 volts and current of 30 amps, then the