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What is the voltage and amp service at the street before it steps down to the residence?

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The voltage and ampacity can vary depending on the demand of the neighborhood. The voltage is typicaly 240 volt with the amperage capacity varying. Answer 7,200 volts goes to the transformer on the pole, amperage varies.
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Does a step down transformer increase voltage?

The metaphor of stepping down is that you are going to a lower level of voltage.  So no, a step down transformer does not increase voltage, it decreases it.

Why current step down in voltage step up transformer?

In an ideal transformer, Power In = Power Out Example: The input voltage of 115vac @10amps is stepped up to 230vac, so what is the secondary current? 115 x 10 = 230 x I

Can you use a step down transformer as step up transformer by reversing the primary voltage as a secondary voltage?

If the transformer has two separate windings, then, YES a step-down can be used as a step-up, and vice-versa.   It is more correct to say you are reversing the high and l

Why is the voltage stepped up before transmission?

Voltage is stepped up during transmission to reduce the power loss during transmission due to resistance. Power is a product of Voltage*Current, and losses due to resistance a

How to step down DC voltage?

  You can make a voltage divider set of resistors and tap off the desired voltage. Some voltage regulators can be fed much higher voltages. The regulator will provide a co

What is the equation for calculating the dc output voltage for a given ac input voltage to a step-down transformer?

There is no such equation, since the output of a step-down transformer is not DC. The AC output is simply the input voltage divided by the turns ratio. So, if the input voltag

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