What is the volume of a shoebox?

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changes by the size but mostly 6820CM's cubed.

How do you make a truck out of a shoebox?

I know how. My cousin taught me how. what u do is u ....................................... and there u go!!! a TRUCK SHOEBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude... seriously al

What is a shoebox project?

Serisously, I think that a shoebox project is a diagram that can display anything you want it to...

Who Sings Shoebox?

EMILY OSMENT sings shoebox not Barrie Emily sings the song shoebox

How do you find the volume of a shoebox?

Same as measuring a room. length times width times height. 10 inches long, 6 inches wide is 60 square inches times 5 inches tall which is 300 cubic inches. This is approximate

How do you spell shoebox?

This is spelled shoe box - two words ("shoebox" is not in the dictionary and would be a misspelling). Although many two word-combinations end up becoming compound words rathe

Who was shoebox Annie?

"Shoebox Annie" was a serial killer who sold shoelaces out of an old shoebox. She lived around the 1930 time period, and was charged with murdering several children.
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Can rabbits eat shoeboxes?

Rabbits can eat paper and cardboard products, but they should be plain, not glossy. A shoebox that's plain cardboard with minimal inks is fine, but remove any staples, tape, l
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Are you a shoebox?

No I am not a shoebox here are two reasons i cant be a shoebox 1.) shoe boxes cant think 2.) shoe boxes cant type 3.) shoe boxes aren't living