What is the weather of Wisconsin?

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Beautiful year round in northeastern wisconsin where I am from.
Summers are perfect about 70-80 degrees with beautiful uncrowded large lakes for jetskiing, boating, fishing some lakes up here are 7 miles long with beautiful pine trees and tons of Eagles flying above you.
FALL the weather is cooler but the leaves changing on the huge trees are so unbelievably beautiful

What is weather?

Weather is how nature manifests its atmospheric conditions in our surroundings. A good example is rain, or a very windy day. In many cases it can be more violent like hurricanes or tornadoes. Weather is the state of the atmosphere, to the degree that it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, (MORE)

Emancipation in Wisconsin?

There is no statute in Wisconsin. You'll have to wait until you are the age of majority. If you are not safe at home, contact the local social services agency to get help.

What is the climate and weather of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is in the so-called Temperate Zone, and has a typical Upper Midwest climate. Wisconsin has warm weather in the summer and cold weather in the winter. Annually they have about 30-34 inches of rainfall, the highest temperature ever recorded was 114 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest was -55 degr (MORE)

Where is Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is in the United States - in the Midwest. It borders Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan. It is also part of the Great Lakes region, bordering Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. See link below for Wisconsin's location relative to the US. Wisconsin is located in the mid-western region.

What region is Wisconsin in?

The state of Wisconsin is in the MidWest, along with many other states. Wisconsin is a midwest state or some would say a Great Lakes stateor a north central state.

How do you pronounce Wisconsin?

Exactly how it looks. Wis Con Sin.. Like Wis as in wissful con as in con artist and sin as in wrongdoing. I can not take it when its pronounced wiscon sin

Where is freedom Wisconsin?

Freedom, Wisconsin is located in the United States. The town islocated in Outagamie county. As of 2014, the population is 5,842.

How to get pardoned in Wisconsin?

To be pardoned in Wisconsin you will need to fill out a formoutlining your conviction, why it should be expunged, and willgenerally make this case in front of a judge. It make take up to 90days to hear back.

Why do we have weather?

Because the sun heats up the earth, causing differing air pressures, creating wind, rain, and all other forms of weather.

Weather for Wisconsin?

The weather in Wisconsin is generally cold and snowy in the winter.During the summer months, it is warm and humid.

What is the area of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin, the 23rd largest state by area in the U.S. has an area of 65,498 square miles or 169,790 square kilometers.

What is On Wisconsin?

\n. \nOne of the most famous school fight songs ever written.\n. \nIt's the fight song for the University of Wisconsin's football team. Its lyrics are:\n. \n On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin! \nPlunge right through that line! \nRun the ball clear down the field, boys \ntouchdown sure this time. (U ra (MORE)

Are there Wolverines in Wisconsin?

In North America, their historical geographic range extended south from Canada and Alaska , through the montane regions of the West to southern California, Utah, Colorado, and into the Midwest

What time is it in Wisconsin?

The time in Wisconsin is in the Central Time Zone. It is one hourbehind the Eastern Time Zone and two hours ahead of the PacificTime Zone. Wisconsin changes time by one hour for daylight savingstime.

What is there to do in Wisconsin US?

well if you refer to a visit, depending on the season there are many outdoor activities including water sports, hunting, fishing, winter sports (snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing), bicycling and lake scuba among other choices. Tourist destinations would include the capital of Madison with its famous (MORE)

Wisconsin is famous for?

Wisconsin is known for dairy production, forestry, beer making, cranberries, professional sports teams (the Brewers and Packers) it's university system and outdoor recreation.

Why do you have weather - what is it?

Because there are 4 seasons. And seasons are because of the earth's rotation around the Sun. Basically, what matters is the number of sunny hours. If you live on the Equator, there is only one season and the weather is very much the same throughout the year because it gets constant sunlight. And wi (MORE)

Why is there weather?

Basically, the sun heats the earth and its atmosphere causing differences in air temperature. The warm air rises from the equator and travels towards the poles.

Are bobcats in Wisconsin?

Yes there are Bobcats in Wisconsin. I have had one come out of a swampy area and sit 20 feet from me. Boy was he surprised when he spotted me. He backed up growling until he felt safe to turn and run. One of the greats experiences of my life. They are incredibly beautiful.

What is Wisconsin?

A north-central US State that border Lake Michigan and Lake Superior and also shares borders with Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota.

What is Wisconsin known as?

it is known as its pigs,cows and dairy. High taxes, beer, cheese and fat people. The best part of living in Wisconsin is not having to look at the airports destination signs. Heavy people in flip flops are you key.

What is weathering?

the natural process by which atmospheric and eviromental agents,such as wind,rain, and decomposite rocks"Weathering" (proper spelling) is the breaking down of natural andartificial materials through contact with the earth and itsatmosphere, water, and other biological factors.

Why is Wisconsin called Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is an English spelling of "Ouisconsin", itself a French version of "Mesconsing", a Miami Indian name for what is now called the Wisconsin River. Roughly translated the original meaning describes it as a river meandering through something red, most likely referring to the red sandstone blu (MORE)

What biome is Wisconsin in?

Wisconsin is mostly made up of the temperate deciduous forest biomes, although temperate grasslands and a few other biomes also exist within the state

What does weather do?

The weather doesn't exactly do anything it what it IS that matters. Weather is what is happening right now if you look outside example; Outside i'ts raining.

What is a Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is not an object; it is one of the states in the USA, North America.

Are there badgers in Wisconsin?

Of course not. Wisconsin is cause The Badger State because there are no badgers whatsoever in the state.yes there are , the 1st person who answered was wrong , then why would it be called the badger state then ?

Is Wisconsin cold?

Yes. Like most Midwestern states, Wisconsin has cold winters andhot summers. In Green Bay, WI, for example, the average lowtemperature in January is 24 degrees. The lowest temperaturerecorded in Wisconsin was -55 degrees, which was recorded in thevillage of Courderay, WI in February of 1996.

What are the weathers you have?

Sunny, Mostly Sunny, Partly Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Overcast, Mostly Cloudy, Cloudy, Breezy, Windy, Gusty, Fog, Showers, Rain Showers, Rain, Drizzle, Light Rain, Moderate Rain, Heavy Rain, Thunderstorm, Thundershower, Heavy Thunderstorm, Snow, Light Snow, and Heavy Snow. You can also use scattered or (MORE)

You have Seasonal affective disorder you live in Wisconsin and the weather has been sunny and warm the past few days but you still have SAD symptoms how long should it take for the symptoms to end?

Transitions may always take a little longer, and if the SADsymptoms were previously quite severe, you might find that theywon't go straight away. But the more exposure to sunny weather andnatural light, the better. If they don't go away for about a month,consider seeing a doctor, as it may be clinic (MORE)

What can weather do?

weather can affect all organisms no matter if it is extreme or not, weather can cause damage and be refreshing

Does Wisconsin get snowstorms?

hahaha. That's like asking if Chicago is windy! YES Wisconsin gets snowstorms!! And unlike the East, we don't close down when there's an inch of snow on the ground. It takes a couple feet before we close down.

What are the holidays in Wisconsin?

Legal holidays in Wisconsin include the following: New Year's Day; Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday; President's Day; Good Friday (11am-3pm observed for purpose of worship); Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; any primary election day in September; Columbus Day; any general election day in (MORE)

How does Wisconsin weather affect people in Wisconsin?

Weather in Wisconsin can get from below zero to about ninety degrees. The colder weather in Wisconsin brings much snow and ice which causes car wrecks, roofs collapsing, snow days from school, sometimes frost bite, the inability to travel, much snow to shovel, and much more. The hotter weather is no (MORE)

How can you surf when you are in Wisconsin?

I don't think people surf at all. Yes, the great lakes are very big but not big enough to surf. Plus the water is very cold and mainly used for transporting goods to and from the naighboring states.

What it is weathering?

weathering is the decay of the rocks of the earth's crust to the exposure to the atmosphere i.e., a process by which the rocks exposed on the surface get broken up into smaller particle. there are 2 types of weathering: 1.mechanical weathering 2.chemical weathering

What is Wisconsin location?

Wisconsin's location is located at the mid eastern region of the U.S. by Minnesota. Illinois, and Chicago.

What are the religions of Wisconsin?

It depends on who you're asking. There can be various different types of religions in Wisconsin. Any one can believe anything. Anybody in that state have the choice to decide what they practice.

What is the Wisconsin animal?

The Badger. Hence it is known as the badger state. They hang around hilly areas, dig trenches and hibernate. rather like miners, which was once a major industry.