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What is the website called to see your house live from satellite?

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Google earth <3
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What website can I go to and see my house from outer space?

Go to Google.com, select "Maps", then click on "Satellite" view. Great question. I found my parents house using google's web site. Links are in the related link section belo

Where do you go for aerial or satellite images so you CAN see your house?

Best bet would be to use Google Maps or Google Earth . Just type in an address from either and it will fly-to that location showing best available aerial or satellite im

What website could you go to to see if your house is haunted?

  You could type in Google" What kind of strange things would happen to see that ghosts are living in you house" All kinds of strange things like strange sounds, strange s

How you can see live people from satellite?

Viewing satellites have lenses just like a telescope here on earth or like the Hubble telescope in space. Put a big enough lens on it and you could see people from outer space

What website lets you see the front of your house?

Google Maps has Street View imagery and Bing Maps has Streetside eye-level view, both of which capture imagery from street level. You can also download Google Earth from Go

How can you see if the house you live is haunted?

you will get to know when you leave the house in a rainy day I know that you might never leave the house in rainy day.but try to because you want to find out if the haunted ho

Is there a website where you can view an updated satellite image of your house?

Best website would be to use Google Maps or Bing Maps , but realize that the satellite imagery is on average 3 years old. Just type in an address from either and it will

Can you see a person in his house via satellite?

no you cannot. you can only see a person from a satellite if that  person is outside. But who knows what kind of unknown technology  they have.    Additionally