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What is the weight of human blood?

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The weight of whole blood at body temperature is 2.315 lbs/liter.

This number was calculated as follows:

Specific density of blood = 1.0506 that of water.
Water weighs 62.4 lbs/ft3.
So blood weighs 62.4 x 1.0506 = 65.56 lbs/ft3.
1 ft3 = 0.02832 m3
So multiplying 65.5 lbs/ft3 x 1 ft3/.02832 m3 = 2314.9 lbs/m3
1 liter = 10-3 m3
Therefore 1 liter of blood weighs 2.3149 lbs.
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How much human body weight is made up of blood?

Answer . In humans, blood accounts for about 1/11th of total body weight. For an average 150 lb. person, that would be about 13.6 lbs.

How much does blood weight?

The weight of whole blood at body temperature is 2.315 pounds per litre. (That is two point three one five, NOT two thousand three hundred and fifteen!)

If you donate blood do you gain weight?

Actually, yes... because you have less blood in your body you feel hungrier until that lost blood is replaced... causing you to eat more and gain weight

Can humans digest human blood?

yes Yes, we can but its bad for you unless its, well, your own blood. (That's what I've heard, anyway) Except for when you're a vampire hehehehe :)

Minimum weight to donate blood?

Current FDA guidelines require volunteer blood donors weigh a  minimum of 110 lbs (50 Kg). However, many blood collection centers  use Body Mass Index to determine donor eli

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I'm sorry, what? Assuming the question is correct, human blood can be found in human blood. As a result, the answer is "human blood" ....whats with the people that answer qu

What is the gram weight of an ounce of blood?

28.34952313 g Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula 1 oz | * | 1 lb 16 oz | * | 1 kg 2.2046 lb | * | 1000 g 1 kg | = | 28.34952313 g Direct Conversion Formula 1

Does humans drink human blood?

There is a disease called 'Vampire', but these humans aren't really vampires. There blood runs very low every few weeks and have to drink other human's blood. Except the docto