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A homophone is a word with two meanings. Homophones may or may not be spelled the same, but will sound the same but have different meanings. For example:

Flour: the cooking kind
Flower: a plant

march: halfway between walking and stomping
March: 3rd month of the year
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What word means a set of two?

A set of two corresponding things is typically known as a pair.

What are the examples of two word verbs with meaning?

Blow up = explode. They blew up the pick up = learn with out effort. I picked up Spanish when I lived in Madrid. put out = extinguish. Please put out your cigarettes before

What are words meaning two?

Double, duplicate, twin, matching, couple. Duality, dichotomy, dual.

What two meanings are in the word cobbler''?

Cobbler has at least four definitions... 1) a person who mends shoes and boots 2) a clumsy person 3) an iced alcoholic drink 4) a deep pie with a thick top crust.

Words with bi that mean two?

Bigoo Biannual (twice a year) Biennual (once in two years) Bi-monthly (twice a month) Bi-weekly (twice a week) Bifocal Bisexual Bicentennial Bifurcate Bifold Bi-amping (improv
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What words begin with bi and means two?

Answer   bicycle: 2 wheels   bipedal: having 2 feet   bipolar: having 2 poles   bifurcation: to split into 2 parts   bisexual: feeling attraction to 2 sexes 

Which two Latin words mean overflow?

There are a number of (single) words available, inrigo as in to overflow or irrigate, abundo as in to be abundant and overflow, superfundo as in to flood or overflow, restagno