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Strictly speaking, it is ADD. The word 'sum' is used colloquially for any simple arithmetical calculation, but in mathematics a 'sum' is properly the result of adding two or more numbers.
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What is a sentence using the word sum?

The sum of 2x and 3x is 5x. The coach was asked to sum up his experiences during the championship season.

How does summing amplifier work?

A: The label must be mysterious it actually compare two or more signal input and amplify the result. example if bot inpust have the same scaling resistor but the signal is -5v

How do you work out minus sums what is the sum of minus 3 take away plus 5?

It is sometimes helpful to think of "minus" as a debt. So +3 means you have 3, while minus 3 i.e. -3 means you have a debt of 3. Then you have the business of adding and subtr

What method do Chinese use to work out multiplication sums?

They draw lines such as when you would try to figure out 7x6 you would make ||||||| for the 7 and _____ this way for the 6 then make half like circles on all 4 corners and cou

What is auto sum button and how does it work?

The auto sum button allows you to have a total sum of multiple cells with the sum being displayed at the last cell beneath the numbers you want to add. To use the auto sum fe