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What is the worst kind of fracture?

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Probably in the Femur. Or the bone in your thigh. It's the strongest bone in your body, and its near some major Veins and arteries. If its broken it can kill you. Fracturing or breaking the femur is probably the most painful break as well, as it is the strongest bone, and its surrounded by a lot of muscles that may contract with the pain.
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What is the worst compound fracture?

The worse compound fractures happen most commonly in the legs. Due to people not staying off the leg and still applying pressure to it make then almost never heal correctly.

What are the different kinds of fractures?

    there are many different types but the main 3 are open closed and a greenstick fracture.     An open fracture is often when the bone penetrates the skin. Cl

What is four different kinds of fracture?

Open and closed are the two main categories, depending on whether the broken bone protrudes through the skin. After that, there are greenstick breaks, stress fractures, impact

What kind of fractures can result from osteoporosis?

often the first sign of the disease, can affect any bone, but the most common locations are the hip, spine, and wrist. Breaks in the hip and spine are of special concern becau