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Brazil is a huge country, so this really depends on where people are. In the northeastern coast (actually in nearly the whole Brazilian coast, but specially from Rio to the north) you have amazingly beatiful beaches. In the south you have a cooler weather; there´s Pantanal with many natural beauties (such as the city of Bonito, a jewel hidden in the middle of the woods) and in the northwest there´s the Amazon rainforest, which is probably the most fantastic place of the country, but only recommended to those who have a real adventurous way of life.

In terms of urban life, in the major cities (such as Sao Paulo, Rio, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte) you have all that big cities in the world have, and also a lot of passion for soccer - going to a soccer game in Brazil is a unique thing to be done. In the south (Porto Alegre and the whole state of Rio Grande do Sul) you can find the 'gaucho' culture (similar to Argentina and Uruguay) and in te northeast (as in Salvador and the whole state of Bahia or Recife and the state of Pernambuco) you have a tropical wheather and many African-Brazilian cultural parties; the carnaval in Salvador is considered one of the best street parties in the world.

Finally, there´s Rio - in which you find the most known aspects of Brazilian culture (samba, carnaval, soccer, sunny beaches, bossa nova, etc) and many natural beauties.
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hey i used to live in Brazil when i was 9 for a year and it was kinda cool but frankly confusing. everythings so crypitic!

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There is the Iguacu waterfall in Campo Grande, Statue of Christ and Sugar loaf mountains in rio De Janerio, the Cathedral of Brasilia and the three Powers Square in Brasilia,
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A lot of things. The brazilian people are very happy. Rio deJaneiro is a wonderful city in Brazil.