What is there to do in haiti?

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There is so much to do in Haiti. The cultural sites are magnificent. Ride a horse up to the Citadelle Laferriere, the largest fortress in the Americas whom many consider to be the "Eighth Wonder of the World;" cool off in some of Haiti's hundreds of caves; attend the annual Port-au-Prince Jazz festival; vibe to the music of the nightlife in Petionville; visit the private virgin beaches (Haiti sports the second longest coastline in the Caribbean due to its horseshoe-like shape); attend the rhum agricole tasting sessions (made from pure sugarcane opposed to molasses like other rums) at the world class Barbancourt distillery; attend CARNIVAL; watch an association football match at Sylvio Cator Stadium; wake up to French baguettes and cheeses in the morning; try some authentic Haitian cuisine (a Creole cuisine influenced with African culinary aesthetic, paired with a very French sophistication); enjoy variety of cold beverages, a "Prestige" lager beer, "Cremas" (a traditional creme liquor) or "Ti' Punch" (a cocktail also enjoyed in the rest of the French Caribbean); visit the colonial city of Jacmel home to some of the beautiful old French architecture; buy some world-class naive art from a dealer; enjoy a Yaquiba cigar (similar to a Cuban, but rarer to find); go on the cruise to Labadee (northern Haiti) to the Zipline & Aerial Adventure Park; Waterskiing & Jetskiing in Montrouis; mountain bike riding in the hills in Leogane...and so much more.
Also, humanitarian work can be done to help the people who are still taken aback by the unfortunate devastating earthquake. Help donate some spare change to Haiti as well as clothes, food, can food water and more if you can.

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