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In Haiti
There is so much to do in Haiti. The cultural sites are magnificent. Ride a horse up to the Citadelle Laferriere, the largest fortress in the Americas whom many consider to be the "Eighth Wonder of the World;" cool off in some of Haiti's hundreds of caves; attend the annual Port-au-Prince Jazz festival; vibe to the music of the nightlife in Petionville; visit the private virgin beaches (Haiti sports the second longest coastline in the Caribbean due to its horseshoe-like shape); attend the rhum agricole tasting sessions (made from pure sugarcane opposed to molasses like other rums) at the world class Barbancourt distillery; attend CARNIVAL; watch an association football match at Sylvio Cator Stadium; wake up to French baguettes and cheeses in the morning; try some authentic Haitian cuisine (a Creole cuisine influenced with African culinary aesthetic, paired with a very French sophistication); enjoy variety of cold beverages, a "Prestige" lager beer, "Cremas" (a traditional creme liquor) or "Ti' Punch" (a cocktail also enjoyed in the rest of the French Caribbean); visit the colonial city of Jacmel home to some of the beautiful old French architecture; buy some world-class naive art from a dealer; enjoy a Yaquiba cigar (similar to a Cuban, but rarer to find); go on the cruise to Labadee (northern Haiti) to the Zipline & Aerial Adventure Park; Waterskiing & Jetskiing in Montrouis; mountain bike riding in the hills in Leogane...and so much more.
Also, humanitarian work can be done to help the people who are still taken aback by the unfortunate devastating earthquake. Help donate some spare change to Haiti as well as clothes, food, can food water and more if you can.

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What is Haiti?

Answer Haiti is a country on an island called Hispanola in the Caribbean. On the other half of the island, the Domincan Republic is established. But even though it's the same land- they are two different countries. If you ever go to Haiti, you will most likely hear people speak French and realize (MORE)

Why is Haiti poor?

There has been considerable research over the past 10 years showing that there is a robust relationship between national IQ and economic productivity. The average according to Lynn & Vanhannen is 72, while the Dominican Republic is 84.

Information on Haiti?

Heres a site that will give all the information you need, I'm sure. It's called www.1227.com

What is the population of Haiti?

In 2008, World Development Indicators measured Haiti's populationat 9,780,064 people. After the January 12, 2010 earthquake that struck the nation,Haiti's population decreased by an estimated 200,000 who died. Anofficial post-earthquake population count has not been released.

What is the biome of Haiti?

Tropical and subtropical coniferous forests. This biome has a very limited distribution. It has low levels of precipitation and moderate temperature variability occurs.

How do you get to haiti?

Haiti is not a foreign poverished land on another planet. You can easily get there by either international plane or even a cruise just the same way you can get to maybe Jamaica/ Portugal

What country is Haiti in?

Haiti is a country. It is not in any other country. It is on the island of Hispaniola. Also on that island is another country, Dominican Republic.

Is Haiti in Europe?

No. Haiti is in the Caribbean Sea on the island of Hispanola. It shares the island with Dominican Republic.

What do they eat in Haiti?

The primary influence for the food in Haiti derives from French cuisine, and African cuisine, with notable derivatives from native Taíno and Spanish culinary technique. Though similar to other cooking styles in the region, it carries a uniqueness native only to the country and an appeal to many v (MORE)

Pollution in Haiti?

Please write your question in a complete sentence, telling what you want to know ABOUT pollution in Haiti.

What are facts about Haiti?

Haiti buildinds were not safe enough or protectoble.Childrens parents died in the damaged, collapsed houses.Disaster earthquake happened on Tuesday 12th janurary 2009. People DIED PVER 150,000, INJURED.Haiti is a poor country and their government couldn't do anything for them even if they wanted to. (MORE)

What is Haiti known for?

It was the first independent nation in the Caribbean the first post-colonial, independent, black-led country in the world, the only nation whose independence was gained as part of a successful slave rebellion, and the second independent nation in America after the United States . Haïti is the (MORE)

What is GCOM Haiti?

GCOM is a Chrisitan Organization forms by Garry Destin, and 3 others Haitian friends to serve and help the Orphans of Haiti,and for further information you can visit their website http://www.gcomintl.org or email Garry at garry@gcomintl.org

What rhymes with Haiti?

Baity, batey, batie, baty, beatty, eighty, katey, kati, Katie, Katy, leighty, matey, patey, paty, platy, weighty, kuwaiti, and m-80 all rhyme with Haiti. Katie

What was Haiti colonized by?

Haiti was initially colonized by the Spanish then by the French, during which it was known as Saint-Domingue. The natives revolted in 1799, following the Americans' example and took the name Haiti.

What is The Region Of Haiti?

\n. \nHaiti is located in the caribbean.\nIt is south east of Cuba and north east of Jamaica,\nless than 700 miles from Florida/coast of the United States.\nHaiti is also known as the first country to abolish slavery in 1804.

Does Haiti have a mall?

well i have been there! they have stores just like a mall some are connected but most are not...

What are the religions of Haiti?

Haitians practice Catholicism and protestantism. In fact, in Haiti one is free to practice any religion one feels appealing. Some Haitians practice voodoo, but not openly. I would like to demystify the thoughts that all Haitians practice voodoo. That is not true at all. Just because some people beli (MORE)

When was Haiti discovered?

Haiti was discovered by Christopher Columbus on December 5, 1492.It became the first permanaent settlement of the Americas byEuropeans. Columbus first named the island 'La Isla Espagnola'which means the "The Spanish Island". Hispaniola is what the wholeisland is called today and is made of of two co (MORE)

What does Haiti export?

Haiti's main exports are bauxite, cocoa, coffee, essential oils,light industrial manufacturing, mangoes, sisal, and sugar. Its maintrading partners are the USA and France.

Who was the liberator of Haiti?

Toussaint Louverture In January 1802 Leclerc arrived off Cap-Français. He had hoped to be received without hostilities, but his desires were thwarted as Gen. Henri Christophe, Toussaint's local commander, put the city to the torch and retreated inland. Thus began the true Haitian War of Indepen (MORE)

Is Haiti a colony?

Haiti was formerly a colony of France, but it is presently an independent (although impoverished) nation.

What can you do in haiti?

The best thing to do when you go to haiti is visit all the beautiful sites and taste their food. The elegant town called Jacmel has beautiful old palaces to visit while the Musee du Pantheon is a ancient museum in an old stunning mansion atop a hill. Les Cayes is a sea port & town with slopes that g (MORE)

Who named Haiti?

Haiti is an adoption of it Taino name Ayiti (Land of high mountains). the Taino were the Native Americans that lived on hispaniola before colonization.

What was the impact on Haiti?

Haiti's impact is the people did not have enough of any thing not even medical help.Please try to donate and thank god this earthquake did not happen were you lives.Bless you!

What can you do for Haiti?

Beside from going to haiti and helping yourself, you could Donate to Oxfam or send aid boxes with basic medical equipment and food and water

Does Haiti have cars?

Yes, Haiti has cars. However, a great many of them were destroyed/damaged and were then abandoned. Others were stolen, or the owners were killed in the earthquake.

What is the impact of Haiti?

thousands of homes have been destroyed thousands have died and all the survivors have no place to stay and little supplies as well as medical help !! :) hope my answer helps u !!

What are the crops in Haiti?

The crops with the highest growth rate in Haiti are corn, sorghum, rice, and tuber plants such as sweet, brown, and red potatoes. Other crops grown throughout the country are coconuts , okra , peanuts , tomatoes , breadfruit , apricots, citrus fruit , avocados , pineapples , watermelons , (MORE)

Who is in the Haiti song?

In the Haiti Single, Everybody Hurts, the singers, in order of appearance, are: Leona Lewis, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole, Mika, Michael Bublé, Joe McElderry, Miley Cyrus, James Blunt, Gary Barlow and Mark Owen of Take That, Jon Bon Jovi, James Morrison, Alexandra Burke, S (MORE)

Who is in we are the world for Haiti?

Justin bieber,pink,Hannah Montana,rihhan,michale Jackson and his sister jent Jackson, Jones brothers and Richie and Wyclef Jean, Randy Phillips and Peter Tortorici; producers Humberto Gattica and usher. and more people.

How will Haiti be rebuilt?

haiti can be rebuilt with the use of donations . other countries can also send builders to rebuilt haiti. and haiti can get help from us the world, and we can all make a difference for haiti and other victums from hurricaine catriana.

Are there penguins in Haiti?

no i do not think there are any penguins in hati because #1 they probably don't have enough money for 1 penguin. #2 i think the climate there is way to warm.

What are the coins in Haiti?

Haiti has coins in centimes and gourdes, which is kind of like cents and dollars. There are 100 centimes in each gourdes.

Why was Haiti colonized?

Haiti was colonized by the people who colonized it for many reasons. Those reasons were the same as they always are, just as the reasons why people eat, or drink alcohol, or get married, or have children, or get divorced, or stab other people are. Sure, they vary in the details, on occasion, but you (MORE)

Is Haiti bilingual?

Yes the population speak both French and Creole( a language form by the mixture of Spanish , French , Native Indians, and Africans local languages), some part of the population also speak Spanish due to the Dominican rep. next door

Is Haiti a nation?

Yes, it is one of two nations that occupy the island of Hispaniola. The other is the Dominican Republic.

Can it hail in Haiti?

Hail is produced in the upper atmosphere, and it can be below freezing in the upper atmosphere anywhere in the world.

Who explored Haiti?

In the beginning, the island of Hispaniola (the island in which Haiti is located) was inhabited by the group of people who had migrated from Siberia that we refer to as Native Americans today. But in the 1400s, Christopher Columbus, (who landed in the Caribbean-not mainland America as most think he (MORE)

What was Haiti destroyed by?

Haiti was destroyed by a devastating earthquake that killed almost half the population. A horrible event especially because Haiti has poor emergency crews.

How poor is Haiti and why?

Haiti, once, the richest colony in the world that provided theglobe with its sugar and coffee, became poor for many reasons. TheHaitian Revolution shocked the world; the first successful slaverebellion to govern a country. The rest of the world did not taketoo kindly to this and saw Haiti as a poten (MORE)