What is this song. I think this is the chosus- hey let's forget the week that's been because weve been waiting weve been waiting?

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The song is called New Skin and its by Mission in Motion. I think that's what you are looking for, hope I helped.

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Should you wait for a someone who isn't ready for a relationship because he's never been in one but he cares about you and wants you to wait and says he'll be back?

Answer . Don't wait for him! He is stringing you along and wants you around in case his life and other relationships don't work out the way he expected . If someone truly loves you then they talk about their fears of a future together (most young couples, especially men are afraid of marriage a (MORE)

If you have been trying to get pregnant and your period is due today how long should you wait to take a pregnancy test and should you wait a couple days or weeks to see if your period comes?

Answer . \nno you should take it as soon as possible. Answer . \nThere is no rush, but you would obviously like to know as soon as possible.\n. \nBuy a double test. Use one test about 2 days after your missed period and if negative and your period still has not come leave it a week and then (MORE)

You like this guy but he has a girlfriend and you have a boyfriend. Weve been friends for 5 years now and he's told me he has feeling for me. He also cares about the girl he's with.What should I do?

make sure you really know your feelings and be true to your heart because its your life and you anly get one chance at it also if turns out you are in love with him its all good play with him a little bit and see how he acts about you and her then you`ll know inside your gut feeling is usually right (MORE)

Your rabbit is nesting but cant be pregnant as weve had her from birth and shes not been near other rabbits she collected nesting material and pulling fur out is this normal?

The behavior you describe here is typical of a Phantom Pregnancy. When a female rabbit is unspayed this is not an unusual occurrence. The best thing you can do for her is to have her spayed. This nesting behavior and hormonal impulse is actually quite stressful for her (although often amusing to (MORE)

Weve been together for 9 mths he just got out of a relationship of 5 yrs with a 9 yr old stepson I want to take it to the next level how should I approach him?

First you really need to ask yourself if this is what you want. A man who already has a family. Those people in his family are going to come before you. Put yourself in his shoes. If you had a son and your new man came in the middle of you two, you'd choose your son. You're going to have to be okay (MORE)

I have a shy bf i like him a lot bt weve been goin out a week and not even kissed properly what should i doat school its really awkward every1 puts pressure on us to see each otherwhich doesn't help?

Hey, i used to be like this. My advice is to ask him if he wants to take the relationship further, or, look him in the eyes, if he looks to your lips, he wants a kiss. I woudlnt advise doing much secual activity in school, maybe stick to hugging and "pecking" there. You dont want any teachers (MORE)

You and your bf have a very rocky relationship right now and have had for about 6 or 7 months weve been dating for over a year anyways what can you do to not take everything he says so personal?

i know how it feels to take little things so serious and making a big deal about them. i have also been with my boyfriend for nearly a year and we've had a rocky relationship throughout this year. a few days ago we almost split up, it took a lot for me to make him realise that it wasn't worth throwi (MORE)

Weve been married six months and he's been cheating the whole time?

If that is true and supportable, I'd say you have a good argument for an annullment. It would be one thing if someone slipped after several years of faithful marriage; maybe forgiveness would be in order then. But to start a marriage like this is a travesty. A marriage is a contract between two peop (MORE)

Why was Grant the general Lincoln had been waiting for?

The general that Grant replaced, kept saying to Lincoln, "...I need this...before I conduct an attack...", next week, "...I need some more of those...before I conduct an attack..." a week later, "...I can't conduct an offensive until I get more of...". Then Grant arrived. Lincoln said to him, "when (MORE)

How long should you wait to have a pregnancy test if you have an irregular period that comes anywhere from 3-6 weeks it has now been 4 weeks?

I know how you feel! This happend to me. You should wait the average amount which is around 5 weeks. I would go to a clinic as they would be able to give you more advice and maybe work out how far gone you are "if you are pregnant" and they can give you advice on conception if you arent. A home preg (MORE)

Sims 2 PSP.. I have been waiting for a call from Isaac to give me the password for the computer in div 47. It has been weeks and still nothing.. what do i do..?

Have you done all the things on your goal screen? If u haven't, then do them. If u have, then i don't know. Maybe there is something wrong with your game. Maybe you can answer my question as well. I can't get into my house. i can get there to meet the maid for the 1st time but when i (MORE)

How say I have been waiting in Spanish?

You could say: "He esperado". You should use the "pretérito perfecto", because it also expresses long time actions in Spanish. Even the form: " He esperado todo este tiempo " is correct to say " I've been waiting ".

Im 16 and i like this girl and she likes me but she is waiting for me and weve been on a date but after that it was awkward and havent talked much how can we start talking again what can we talk about?

You could suddenly surprise her. You might also talk about a subject you used to talk with her. If she hasn't talked to you yet, most of the times she IS waiting for you to make the "first" move again. You can send her a text if you don't feel like you're ready to talk to her through the phone. If y (MORE)

I am 21 and my boyfriend is 26 weve been together over two months is it too soon to move in together?

absolutely, give yourself more time to get to know each other a lot better, it is one thing to date someone , a whole different kettle of fish to live with someone that is not that well known to you, even though you think you do, you have a life time ahead of you, enjoy it!!. you should consult a f (MORE)

How should i solve my problem Basically i have been out wiv a boy hu is 1 month younger than me n weve been out 4 about 4 weeks Few days ago I saw him flirting wiv other girl but he says that he wasnt?

How should i solve my problem Basically i have been out wiv a boy hu is 1 month younger than me n weve been out 4 about 4 weeks Few days ago I saw him flirting wiv other girl but he says that he wasnt n that it was all her fault! Me n that girl hate each other 4 quite a while now n I really dunno wa (MORE)

Your husband wears women clothes and underwears when at home Weve just been married for 2 years you just dont understand this kind of behavior He is not gay because he dont like men what is this?

i think this must juss be his fantasy all through......your husband must be ggetting sexual pleasure by this. juss fulfill his needs and give him no chance to complain bout his sexual life with you and vrytthing will be fine. bsides...if this dosent work, then just need to give him some time and dis (MORE)

How long can you wait to sleep in a room that's been painted with semi-gloss paint?

If the semi-gloss was acrylic, latex or water based, you have been careful to keep the room well ventilated and you (or the person who will be sleeping there) does not have allergies, then 8 - 12 hours is enough. If the semi-gloss paint is oil, lacquer, alcohol or solvent based, the room has not b (MORE)

When God said in 6000 years he'd come back scientist say weve been on earth for like a million years im confused?

Answer. . One: God never said that he'd come make in six thousand years only that he would come back like a thief in the night. The exact date of Jesus' coming again is uknown for sure. . Two: Scientists believe in evolution and there guesses maybe way off if you believe the bible, the book of Gen (MORE)

Who would you give a transplant to A person that just got on the waiting list that's in good shape or someone that's in bad shape and that has been waiting for a while and why?

If you are saying, for instance, who would deserve a kidney more: a person who has lived a healthy life or someone whose unhealthy lifestyle have resulted in their needing a new kidney...of course I would pick the person who did everything right but still ended up on the transplant list. ........ (MORE)

Would this would be a good line up for a mix CD for my guyfriend weve been really close and on again off again on the with benefits thing hes moving to Chicago so what do you think?

[ran out of room, sry] TRACK LISTING::: chicago/frank sinatra wow, i can get sexual too/say anything i make her say[ft common&kanye]/kid cudi chicago is so 2 years ago/fall out boy brighter/paramore kiss off/violent femmes grav rides everything/modest mouse chicago[acoustic]/sufjan stevens we get on (MORE)

Why does my friend keep ignoring me weve been best friends for years now and she just stopped talking to me?

Has something happened in her family which might upset her to talk to you? if that is the problem then go to her house or plan to talk about why shes doing it to you, if that's not the problem then leave her for a while, try to solize with different people for a change it always helps. if she is not (MORE)

Is it love if I've thought about the same person for 3 years but we' ve had a lot bad history and weve never actually been in a relationship or is it just infatuation?

So apart from you describing my life there... *sigh* Well. It's really hard to say. The difference between love and infatuation can be hard to distinguish sometimes. If you really, really care about this person, and have for a while, that's reason it may be love. Ask yourself how far you'd be wil (MORE)

I am having trouble with my boyfriend. Weve been going out for around 7 months and it seems really distant with him. im not sure what to do and it seems weird and i dont know what to do. any advise?

Several things could be happening here. 1. He could be cheating on you. 2. He could be using you. 3. He could have an emotional block because of a bad relationship or tragedy in the past and is afraid to get close. 4. He have a commitment phobia. 5. He doesn't even realize he is being distant. You s (MORE)

What is a good song to mean that you have been waiting for a long time?

A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri. This song is in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Here are the lyrics: Heart beats fast colors and promises how do be brave, how can i love when I'm afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone all of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow. One (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Greg Wait been in?

Greg Wait has: Played Detective Holt in "Midnight Matinee Psycho" in 2011. Played John Manchester in "Plain Pine Box" in 2011. Played Chad Thompson in "Secrets in the Snow" in 2012. Played Dad in "His Last Supper" in 2012. Played Larry in "Heroes Running Bold" in 2012. Played Chad Thompson in "Secre (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Malcolm Waite been in?

Malcolm Waite has: Played Big-Boy in "The Hill Billy" in 1924. Played The Rival - Donald Duffield in "Feet of Mud" in 1924. Played Jack Cameron in "The Gold Rush" in 1925. Played Crook in "Red Hot Tires" in 1925. Played Tom Watson in "The Great Love" in 1925. Played Denman in "The Lucky Horseshoe" i (MORE)