What is truth from an Atheist's point of view?

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Truth is an absolute. It is the same whether you are a Hindu, Christian or an Atheist. In fact, Atheists say that the truth is that there is no God, but that Christians do not understand that truth.
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So what do atheists think is truth? Most atheists don't pretend to know. Atheists realise that the actual, real truth is ALWAYS subjective. Atheists take a scientific approach as best they can. Observe things happening. Try to work out why it happens. Test, and see if you are correct. If you are, then great! If not, your idea was wrong or incomplete. The most important aspect of being an atheist is the willingness to change your mind about what you think, if new evidence comes to light which contradicts what you think.

Atheists do not believe in god because there is *no evidence* that there is a god. All the evidence which has ever been submitted has been shown to be faulty, forged, or can be explained without the need for any gods. So, in short, atheists don't much bother with the pursuit of truth: just the pursuit of knowledge and explanations. They do, however, get riled when other people claim that something is "true". If there was any single religion on the planet which provided good evidence, then almost all atheists would convert to it. There isn't. So they haven't.

Truth is only that which can be verified; everything else is opinion. Truth is exactly as it may stand in any dictionary. Truth is what we know to be the reality of the world. Atheists use evidence. Sciences use evidence. They both use evidence to find our most accurate possible description of the Universe that is true. Sciences use what absolutely is observed, tested by experiment and known to true like trees and stones and water to find out more truths about the Universe. Like this they have discovered radiation and atoms and the photosynthetic pathways.

Creationists, advocates of intelligent design and those who think any fundamentalist faith is true cannot use these objects to find more truths in the Universe, as a scientist or atheist can, since their objects are not necessarily true as they have yet to be subjected to experiment. Indeed they are yet to be deemed able to be subject to experiment.
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Atheists cannot be lumped together, we are not 'organized' into one doctrine. Each of us may hold various views on "human life". I am not entirely certain what you mean to ask in this question-- are you wondering if atheists value human life? The atheists i know DO value human life, and lo (MORE)

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A body of anyone is chosen to be buried as bescribe by them. They have access to all same places as another religion would. Not allowing someone to use a cemetery for example, would be descrimination. Since WW2 the general public does not discriminate against religion anymore.

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Christianity is an organization of Christ-followers (At least, many of us think of ourselves as such). It's hard to watch one's faith be linked to this religion called "Christianity," when the religion is wrought with hypocrisy. I am a Christian, and do acknowledge that yes , I am a hypocrite. (MORE)

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