What is Turkish zultanite?

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Zultanite is a colour-changing diaspore that was apparantly found in Russia in 1801 but some were found in Turkish museums worn by Ottoman Sultans, some how it often happens that the mine becomes extinct in the ural mountains in Russia, and since then it is only found in one place Turkey by 1980's and made known to the mainstream by 2006, and it's 1000 times rarer than tanzanite, so very small amounts in such high quality are found. Over one carat is a blessing. Erica Courtney is a fashion Jewellery designer for Madonna, Julia Roberts etc even went to Turkey herself to get some Zultanite, this stone is setting the world by storm, it will be 20,000 per carat and worth more in the next few months, that is how rare it is. The pride of Turkey! it sure is.
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