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'A or one'
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What does un lit mean in French?

A bed (for the furniture and for the river). The Seine burst its banks in 1910 - La seine est sortie de son lit en 1910.. Proverb :. Comme on fait son lit, on se couche : as you make your bed, you must lie in it.. Idiom (in law). Un enfant d'un premier lit = A child of a first marriage

When do you use 'un' or 'une' in French?

it is dependant on the gender of the word, look up the word in the dictionary and it should indicate whether it is feminine or masculine, un is for masculine, une is for feminine Il y a quelques regles qui peuvent aider un peu - par example, les mots se terminant en "eur" ou "tion" sont en g (MORE)

What does the French word 'une' mean?

The word 'une' means a , an , one . It's the feminine form of the number 'un', which is the counting number 'one'. As an indefinite article, it's used with feminine gender adjectives and nouns. Its indefinite plural form is the partitive article 'des', which means 'some'.

What does UN means in french?

the United Nations are called " l'ONU " or " l'Organisation des Nations Unies " or " les Nations Unies " in French

What does un glace mean in french?

It is often thought of as ice cream but you said un glace, not une glace. it, literally translates to "an ice". Ice would be "la glace".

What does un bic mean in french?

A kind of pencil called Bic cristal in English, very famous in France, anybody used on in his life at least once, some are using them every day. Bic is the trademark of this pencil.

What does une balai mean in french?

Un balai means a broom, but in French slang it can mean a year when talking about someone's age - il a quarante balais - he's forty (years old).

What is un in French?

'Un' means 'One' in French. It is also used to say 'a' when talking about something that is masculine. The feminine version is 'une'.

What is the English translation of the French words 'un' and 'une'?

" A " or " one " can be English equivalents of the French words un and une . Specifically, both words are singular indefinite articles which translate as "a, one". The word un represents the masculine form while une is the feminine. The pronunciation will be "eh" in the masculine and "yoon" (MORE)

What does the word un mean in french?

"Un" (m) or "une" (f) is the french indefinite article, meaning "a" or "an". It also means "one". "Un jour" means "a day" or "one day". "Une table" means "a table" or "one table". Contrast with: "le" (m), "la"(f) or "l'", the french definite article, "the". "Le jour" the day; "la table", the t (MORE)

What is the French 'une chambre' in English?

A [or one ] bedroom is an English equivalent of 'une chambre' . The feminine indefinite article 'une' means 'a, one'. The feminine noun 'chambre' means 'bedroom'. Together, they're pronounced 'oon shawm-bruh'.

Is la une in french?

'la une' means 'the page one' in French. If you're making 'la une', you're making the headlines in the news.

What is the French 'une voiture' in English?

" A car " or " One car " is an English equivalent of " une voiture ." The feminine singular indefinite article " une " means "a, one." The feminine noun " voiture " means "car." Its singular definite article " la " means "the." The pronunciation is "oon vwah-tyoor."

What is the French phrase 'une fondue' in English?

" A melted (dish)" is a literal English equivalent of the French phrase " une fondue ." Specifically, the feminine singular indefinite article " une " means "a, one." The feminine noun " fondue " is formed from the feminine singular form of the past participle of the verb " fondre " ("to melt"). (MORE)

What does une correspondance mean in french?

une correspondance is the changing of lines in the subway when two lines are connected in the same station. It is also the name of letters, notes, and other written mails that you exchange with someone.

What is une correspondence in french?

une correspondance (with an 'a') is: 1/ the changing of lines in the subway or train station when you are at a connecting station, or it is 2/ the collective noun for the mail, letters, written notes between two persons.

What is 'un poste' when translated from French to English?

une poste (feminine) is a post office ; un poste (masculine noun)is a job or position in a company, administration, oradministrative quango; or it could be the place or spot where youare assigned to (ex: poste de combat = combat post) ; un poste depolice is a small police station.

What is 'un posto' when translated from Italian to French?

Un poste is a French equivalent of the Italian word un posto . The masculine singular nouns overlaps in their translation into English as "job," "position," or "post." The respective pronunciations will be "eh puhst" in French and "oon PO-sto" in Italian.

When to use une or la in french?

une and la are feminine articles in French. 'une' is translated by 'a': une voiture = a car (that could be any car); 'la' is a definite article, translated by 'the'. La voiture = the car (you know what exact car we are speaking of)

What is 'un bois' when translated from French to English?

"A woodland" is an English equivalent of the French phrase un bois . The masculine singular phrase also translates into English as "a (wood-headed golf) club," "an antler," or "one woodwind" according to context. The pronunciation will be "eh bwa" in French.

What is 'un furet' when translated from French to English?

"A ferret" is an English equivalent of the French phrase un furet . The masculine singular cardinal number/indefinite article and noun also translate into English as "one ferret" and "a (plumbing tool known as) snake" or "one snooper" according to context. The pronunciation will be "eh fyoo-rey" in (MORE)

What rhymes with the French phrase 'une chose'?

Lune rose rhymes with the French phrase une chose . The respective pronunciations and translations of the feminine singular phrases will be "lyoon ruhz" ("pink moon") and "yoon shuhz" ("one thing") in French.

What does un sensuel mean in French?

Sensuel is translated sensual in English. The famous line from a French movie 'moi, je suis un sensuel' translates as 'me, I am a sensual (person)'

What does une carte grise mean in French?

The 'carte grise' ("grey card") is the vehicle registration certificate. It's a piece of paper proving that one is the owner of the car one is in. It must be shown when asked by policemen.

What is une tartine mean in French?

Une tartine is a slice of bread in French. This is often completed with what goes on it: une tartine de confiture (with jam), une tartine de chocolat, une tartine beurrée (with butter).

What is the opposite of the French phrase une amie?

There really is not an opposite. What is the opposite of friend? Maybe 'enemy', but not really that, either. What is the opposite of 'une' or 'one'? That is like asking what the opposite of a piece of wood is . . . there is none.

What does une stylo mean in french?

Une stylo means 'handwriting pen' in French. Every object in French is either feminine or masculine. Une I think is masculine whilst Un is feminine.. Une Stylo means 'a ball-point pen'. Une is a feminine word for 'a'. You can also use Un which is a musculine word for 'a'. -Melo

What is un cashier in French?

"cashier" or "teller" is "caissier" (masc.) or caissière" (fem.) for the person. The cash register is the "caisse" (fem.) or the "caisse enregistreuse".

Is it un or une for gloves in French?

It is neither, it's actually "des gants" if you have any other trouble you could always check with "Google Translate" * but remember never to translate your whole project using it as your teachers will be able to tell!

What does un dessin anime mean in french?

Un dessin animé means a cartoon sitcom. You could use 'un dessin animé' in a sentence like this - The simpsons, c'est un dessin animé et c'est rigolo. Which means 'the simpsons is a cartoon sitcom and it is funny.'

What does d une mean in french?

Without seeing more of the sentence it's really hard to say. Rough guess would be d'une = of a But having more context would help