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Urine therapy is sometimes used in what is known as alternative medicine. It consists of either drinking one's urine, or massaging it into the skin. It is sometimes called urotherapy.
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What is therapy?

Therapy is a session where a health professional aims to provide remedial or compensatory strategies and treatment to improve a participants function or well being. It may fir

Can anyone share their personal experience with Urine Therapy - there seem to be varying views on the subject?

I tried the process for a couple of weeks to treat a minor fingernail fungus that would not go away. I stopped after a couple of weeks because I didn't think I seen improvemen

Can urine therapy cure HIV?

Not by UT itself! But, with proper high potency supplementation, diet, exercise, pure water, sleep, sea salt; absolutely!

How does Urine Therapy work to treat a rash?

In the West, the thought of urine therapy is simply outrageous and complete snake oil. In the East it is a different story all together. Millions and Millions of Chinese, Japa

Urine therapy for rash and mild redness around the inner thighs?

There are many reasons for such rashes and redness around the inner thighs due to use of soap, oil, synthetic clothes & tight clothes, constipation, food etc. but the most imp

Can someone taking pills for diabetes use urine therapy?

hi,anyone with diabetes can ingest urine therapy (traditionally referred to as shivambu). one must take extra precautions during practising urine therapy as a diabetic. the co

Is that true that urine therapy can cure disease?

to the best of my Knowledge, and I have dealt with Rheumatoid arthritis for many years there is no urine therapy that will help with arthritis. or warts for that matter.

Is that true that urine therapy can cure diseases?

I have got warts on my left eye lid previously. Went for laser surgery few years ago to remove it. Recently, the wart came back. This time round I used the mid-stream urine in