What is used to connect a DVD player to a television?

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It can use A/V, (Audio Video) cords. In Europe use the SCART sockets and leads. The older DVD players have an RF output with a round (Belling Lee) co-axial antenna cord.
With the Scart/AV leads, select the AV input on the TV.
With the antenna type connection, you will have to tune the TV to the DVD's channel.
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How do you connect a CD-ROM with a television to be used as a video player?

Answer . \nYou cannot. You need a device to tell the cd-rom to turn itself on and how to read the information from the disk and where to send the information to be viewed.\n. \nYou may however get a video card that has RCA out and S-video out that can be piped into you tv directly to RCA in or S (MORE)

How do you connect a DVD player to a tv?

Using a cable. It varies based on your DVD Player and TV. Some DVD Players can be connected using Scart, Composite, Component, RGB and HDMI cables. Only use on cable at a time though.

You connected your DVD player to HDMI 1 port on the back of your tv and then turned source to HDMI 1 and the green light indicating HDMI did not come on so I do not get a picture from my TV?

It could be that your HDMI input card is defective, which means that it'll have to be replaced. For giggles though, unplug your TV for a few minutes and then plug it back in. This may reset the microprocessor and allow the card to work again. The other problem may simply be that you don't have (MORE)

What sort of connectors should be used to connect a progressive scan TV and DVD player?

The choice of connector is defined by the connectors on the DVD player and the TV. However, if you have a selection of connectors on each this is the preferred order to deliver the best quality:. HDMI - a digital video and audio signal in a single cable (supports HD and SD). DVI - the same video s (MORE)

It's is okay to connect the HD DVD player to a regular standard definition television?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to connect the HD DVD player to a regular SD TV set as long as you can match the connectors on the HD DVD player and SD TV set. There is no harm doing it except that you will not be able to get HD picture. What you will get is 480i/p or 576i/p picture and not 720p or 1080i/ (MORE)

Why won't your pictures play on a CD-DVD player connected to your TV that were burned?

You probably copied the files in the wrong format.. DVD's requires that all files be compiled into a single file called an "image" that is then written to the disk. You need a DVD writting software to do that.. CD's wriiten to be played back on a television disc player must be compatible with the (MORE)

Do I need a tv license if I have a DVD player?

Usually the criteria for needing a tv license is if you have a tv-receiver or not. If your DVD-player has an antenna input connector and can record stuff sent over the air, then you probably need a license(although local regulations may vary).

How do you connect a DVD to tv?

You connect a DVD player to a TV via a scart cable and a compositeor HDMI cable. If using a composite cable, ensure that the colorson the plug match up with those of the audio and video jacks.

How do you install a DVD to a TV that uses direct TV?

This is kind of a multi-facedted answer. The long and short of it is that you need to have an open place to connect your DVD player to your TV. If you don't, it might pay to either get a switch to split the input to your TV, or a home theater system. If this doesn't answer your question, you might n (MORE)

Which connection do you use to connect your HDMI Blu-ray DVD player to your big screen which is an older model tv?

Televisions that are a few years old are almost certain to be standard definition and will have analog inputs. If that is the case, HDMI cannot be used as it is a digital signal. The television will also not be able to handle high definition signals.\n. \nThe only likely option is to use the comp (MORE)

Composite video 3-jack component video and S-video are types of connections one can use to connect a DVD player to a television?

Depending on the DVD player. Any DVD player will have one or more of those options. IT could also have an HDMI out. For best quality, connect it to the highest signal your television can take in. The best is HDMI, followed by component, followed by s-video, with composite being last. That bein (MORE)

How to connect a new DVD vcr combo to old tv?

How old are we talkin here. If it just has a cable plug-in then your going to have to take yourself to wally world (WalMart) and buy a cable/video, audio in adapter. They're not expensive. BTW they're found in the T.V. section.. it was made in 1999

Can you connect Blu-ray DVD player to normal tv?

Yes. Blu-Ray players will only operate with a standard definition television using the analog outputs on the player. The outputs are standard definition of course, so the HD quality of the BluRay disc won't be seen.

I have an old Dish DVR with recorded programs. I now use Time Warner Cable. Can I connect this dish dvr to my tv and or my DVD player and watch the recorded shows?

Absolutely you can watch your old recorded programs - provided thatyou still have the smart card that plugs into the Dish DVR.However, you cannot record programs, so do NOT attempt to connectthe DVR to the Time Warner system in any fashion. DO NOT plugANYTHING into the Dish DVR SATTELITE INPUT coaxi (MORE)

Connect bluray DVD player to old tv?

Most Blueray players have an analog output that delivers standard definition signals. If a high definition disc is played, the output will normally provide an SD version of the content. Using the analog output means that it is possible to use Blueray players on SD televisions. When an HD television (MORE)

How do you connect a Blu-ray DVD to an HD tv?

Type your answer here... It should be nothing more than hooking up the HDMI cable from the HD tv to the DVD player.This cable delivers the video and the audio simultaneously.If it is an older DVD player like mine, I hooked up the video using a component cable which has three connections on each e (MORE)

Can you connect an ordinary DVD player to an HD Ready TV?

Absolutely you can. An HD or HD ready TV will handle HD signals but they all will accept and display standard definition signals. That includes DVD players, VHS players and all other devices that can be connected to older televisions. Be aware that showing a DVD on and HD does NOT make the picture (MORE)

How do you connect DVD to 42 inch sinotec LCD TV?

Very very easy. does your DVD Player ( Home theatre ) have a HDMI cable? If it does, you can just buy an HDMi cable and connect it to Hdmi 1 on your tv and the other end to the Dvd Player and the sound a video will be very crisp. Alternatively, you can use an AV cable ( cable with yellow plugs (MORE)

Can you use Composite video 3-jack component video and s-video are types of connections to connect a DVD player to a tv?

Composite, S-video and component are three different analog interfaces for standard definition television signals. Component is the best quality of the three, followed by S-video. Composite is the lowest performance of the three signals. Any of them will connect a DVD player to a television as long (MORE)

Will a UK DVD player connect and work in the US?

There are several things that are different between UK and US television equipment. A UK player normally runs on 240V. Some will also work at 110V but not all. You may need to obtain a 110V to 240V converter. Next, UK players will not generally play US DVDs because each disc has a region code built (MORE)

Why can't a tv remote be used to operate a DVD player?

Remote controls are designed to operate with specific devices. Normally, a television remote control will not have the buttons to operate a DVD player. However, some manufacturers have television remote controls with DVD controls built in and a player from the same manufacturer can be controlled by (MORE)

Can you use a fiber optic cable from DVD player to tv?

I sold this stuff for 12 years and never plugged a fibre optic cable into a TV. This should be plugged into your amplifier for your surround sound. (typically) You will not be able to tell the difference between that or a simple audio cable through a TV.

How do you connect a magnavox DVD recorder and VCR To TV?

some help is better than none... . plug in the power cords . look for the cables that are red white and yellow and conect them to the tv and magnavox with the corresponding colors . discuss if there are xtra cables i dont know youre exact stuation but me trying im better than no one answerin (MORE)

Are 3 jack component video and S video types of connections one can use to connect a DVD player to a television?

Component video and S-video are 2 types of connectors, although S-Video and Component connections are from TV's and DVD players quickly, in favor of HDMI connections. All new models of DVD players made after December 31, 2010 will only output Standard Definition video from the component outputs. 720 (MORE)

What cables are needed to connect a DVD player to a television?

You can use one of 3 types of cables: 1) Composite video - yellow/white/black. This is the basic cable that almost all DVD players ship with. Basic standard definition video and analog audio 2) Component video + Analog audio - red/green/blue + white/black - This is for progressive scanning DVD (MORE)

How do you connect a Sony DVD player to a Samsung Smart TV?

There are two likely connections available. First, you can use analog composite connections, normally using red, white and yellow RCA leads. Second, HDMI connections are on most DVD players so an HDMI lead will work. Bear in mind that although HDMI can carry HD signals, using it does not create a (MORE)

What are the disadvantage of portable DVD and TV player?

They're as good as your storage device, the availability of connection, technician for troubleshooting and DVDs if you are travelling. In case you dun have good connection available or data ( DVDs ) to watch then the portable TV and player are of no use. Even if you have a good connection and Data (MORE)

How do you connect a Blu-ray DVD player which only has a HDMI port to an old TV?

If your Blu-ray player ONLY has an HDMI out then I think you're buying a new TV. Older TVs don't have HDMI in. However, check to see if your Blu-ray player has other outputs. Almost all have standard definition outputs such as composite video, S-video or component video with a separate sound output. (MORE)

How do you connect a DVD player and cable TV cord to a TV?

Usually the cable goes straight into the TV, and the DVD connects to the TV with RCA cables, either 3 wires (composite) or 5 wires (component). Newer DVD players and TVs can also connect with a single HDMI cable. The TV controls allow you to select whether you are watching cable, component, compos (MORE)

How do you connect cables from DVD to Tv?

In general, you just plug a cable between the output connection(s)on the DVD player and the input connection(s) on your TV. The easiest, fastest and best-quality connection is the HDMI cable.This provides high-quality picture and sound, and only needs oneconnection at either end. If you can't use (MORE)