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Vicarious Learning/Observational Learning/Social Learning/Modeling

Observational learning (also known as: vicarious learning or social learning or modeling) is learning that occurs as a function of observing, retaining and replicating behavior observed in others. It is most associated with the work of psychologist Albert Bandura, who implemented some of the seminal studies in the area and initiated social learning theory. It involves the process of learning to copy or model the action of another through observing another doing it.

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What does vicarious mean?

Felt as if one were taking part in the experience or feelings of another.

What is vicarious punishment?

  According to the social learning theory, behaviours are learned through different means, one of them being observation of others. This is sometimes called vicarious rein

What does vicariously mean?

    I think you mean "vicariously" - which means "experienced in the imagination, through the actions or feelings of someone else.

What is 'vicarious liability'?

Vicarious liability is liability for damages that is imposed on one person for the actions of another person who actually caused the damage. Liability is imputed this way usua

What is Vicarious suffering?

    Vicarious Suffering is the act of allowing one self to go thru suffering for the sake of others. The best known example of this is Jesus Christ suffering on the cr

Difference in vicarious and observational learning?

Observational learning is exactly what is sounds like; the only difference between the aforesaid and vicarious learning is that vicarious learning applies solely to learning b

How do you spell vicariously?

That is the correct spelling of the adverb "vicariously" (through others, by proxy).

What is vicarious representation?

Vicarious representation refers to acting that is done on behalf on  another person. This may be through actions or feelings of another  person.
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What is vicarious trauma?

Vicarious traumatization (VT) is a transformation in the selfof a trauma worker or helper that results from empathic engagementwith traumatized clients and their reports of