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Definition: To effectively plan for the waterfront, it is important to define a "waterfront zone" within the O.P. Defining on a map the area within a municipality to be known as the waterfront is important to avoid confusion between waterfront and non-waterfront sites. Certain guidelines can be used in defining the waterfront area. A number of different concepts can be used to aid in the establishment of a definition of a waterfront area. Some of these include: "waterfront lands": (a) the land, including land covered with water, that is related to the shore of Lake Ontario extending from Burlington Bay in the west to the Trent River in the east, and (b) such other land as the Lieutenant Governor in Council designates. (From the Waterfront Regeneration Trust Agency Act, 1992, S.O. 1992, c. 2, s. 1). Shoreline Impact Zone (SIZ): This includes all land within the fill regulation line established by Conservation Authorities (see O. Reg. 158 established in 1992 under s. 28 of the Conservation Authorities Act). Municipal councils can consult with Conservation Authorities to determine the precise limits of the SIZ. If any part of a property is within the SIZ, the entire property will be deemed to fall within the SIZ until the precise limits of the erosion prone area are determined to the satisfaction of council. Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs): These are identified by Conservation Authorities as having natural features or ecological functions of such significance as to require conservation. Areas of Natural & Scientific Interest (ANSIs): These are natural landscapes or features recognized by the province as having value for protection, heritage appreciation, scientific study or education. Waterfront Environmental Impactct Zone (WEIZ): This consists of natural elements associated with the waterfront.
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