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the natural process by which atmospheric and eviromental agents ,such as wind,rain, and decomposite rocks "Weathering" (proper spelling) is the breaking down of natural and artificial materials through contact with the earth and its atmosphere, water, and other biological factors.
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What is weather?

Weather is how nature manifests its atmospheric conditions in our surroundings. A good example is rain, or a very windy day. In many cases it can be more violent like hurrican

What it is weathering?

weathering is the decay of the rocks of the earth's crust to the exposure to the atmosphere i.e., a process by which the rocks exposed on the surface get broken up into smalle

Why do we have weather?

Because the sun heats up the earth, causing differing air pressures, creating wind, rain, and all other forms of weather.

What is weathering and erosion?

Weathering is the breaking down of rocks in situ. This includes disintegration and solution of minerals (i.e. chemical), breaking down of rock by animals and plants (biologica

What are the weathers you have?

Sunny, Mostly Sunny, Partly Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Overcast, Mostly Cloudy, Cloudy, Breezy, Windy, Gusty, Fog, Showers, Rain Showers, Rain, Drizzle, Light Rain, Moderate Rain,

Why is there weather?

Basically, the sun heats the earth and its atmosphere causing differences in air temperature. The warm air rises from the equator and travels towards the poles.

What is weathering in rock cycle?

This helps prcess exposed rocks and decompose. Weathering of rocks happen as a result of mechanical action of water and wind.

What is weathering in geography?

weathering is not the same as eroding!!! but it is when something brakes down or gets smaller naturally (preferably rocks). Physical weather: you can have: freeze thaw whi

What is weathering and the sequences?

Weathering can be all kinds of things, for example, the wind blowing hard on a building above the sea and making holes in it is weathering. Also the sea hitting the cliffs and