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the natural process by which atmospheric and eviromental agents ,such as wind,rain, and decomposite rocks "Weathering" (proper spelling) is the breaking down of natural and artificial materials through contact with the earth and its atmosphere, water, and other biological factors.
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What is weathering and erosion?

Weathering is the breaking down of rocks in situ . This includes disintegration and solution of minerals (i.e. chemical), breaking down of rock by animals and plants (biologi

What is weathering caused by?

Weathering is caused by complexation in a mineral weathering due to nitric acid.

What is weathering mean?

Rocks may be broken physically into smaller pieces. They may also be broken as a result of change in chemical composition. The breaking down of rocks (either physically or che

What is weathering in geography?

weathering is not the same as eroding!!! but it is when something brakes down or gets smaller naturally (preferably rocks). Physical weather: you can have: freeze thaw wh

What is weathering chemical weathering and physical weathering?

The difference is what the cause or material is. For example: Take two events of raining, one of them is acid rain. Acid rain would seep into limestone or rock, causing it to

What is Weathering is what type of force?

weathering is basically erosion. It's the the effect that wind, rain and other elements of nature affect things. The grand canyon is a result of weather. large floods eroded t
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What is weathering and the sequences?

Weathering can be all kinds of things, for example, the wind blowing hard on a building above the sea and making holes in it is weathering. Also the sea hitting the cliffs and

What is weathering and how it affects?

Weathering is the breaking down of rocks in situ . It acts through a variety of means, including frost shattering and ex-foliation. There are a number of different classifica

What is weathering definition?

Wear away or change the appearance or texture of something by longexposure to the air.