What is worse child abuse or senior abuse?

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Abuse of any kind on any human is bad.
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What is child abuse?

Child abuse comes in many forms, including sexual, physical, emotional, mental, and neglect. Anytime a child is subjected to physicallly, emotionally, or mentally harmful behavior, it is child abuse. It is also child abuse when a child's physical and emotional needs are not provided for. These in (MORE)

What can you do if you were abused as a child?

personally i was abused as a child. seek therapy. if you cant afford it get a sponsor. talk to someone about it you will feel way better about yourself. dont quit therapy. as you continue to sort out problems pieces of your life will fall into place. make sure to find someone you trust.

What are the affects of child abuse on a child?

The child can be affraid of the gender of the abuser they can develop mental illnesses and so much more. They will go on their life thinking that they are inappropriate, or not as good as other people, not to mention the build up of anger. There is really no safe zone. I can recall some incidents w (MORE)

What to do when child abuse is suspected?

You should ask your child about it. Tell him/her that its not their faults and try to get it out of them if their Mother/Father/Friend/Another person in the Family has hurt them physically or mentally.

Does a child have to be abused?

No. Absolutely not. If you are a child and are being abused, there is help available for you. I feel for you in your situation, I was also abused as a child and I understand the pain. Please see the Related Links for some places to get help.

Who is a child abuser?

Anyone who hits, hurts physically, emotionally or sexually abuses a child. Whether it is a sibling, parent, other relative or friend, or even a stranger causing the abuse. You should always report any abuse to someone you can trust, like a teacher, police officer or on one of the charity telephone l (MORE)

How can a child be abused?

Mentally, emotionally, sexually, verbally, physically, and even legally if the system is used to abuse the child (eg visiting rights)

How do you abuse your child?

You don't. NEVER DO THAT'S THE STUPIDEST QUESTION IVE EVER HEARD U SICK INDIVIDUAL YOU SHOULD LOVE AND CHERISH YOUR CHILD AND SMOTHER THEM WITH KISSES AND HUGS ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!! -- Your duty as a parent is to love the child, and help them develop into the person they need to be not to abuse (MORE)

What can child abuse do?

it can do alot of things to a child like develope low self esteem, get really sick or worse...die.also not only hurts the child but also the people who love the child. stop child abuse!!!

Why is there child abuse?

There are evil people in this world. Some people won't accept that, but in order to be safe you have to except that there are bad people. So, evil people do evil things.

How does child abuse affetc the abuser?

some abusers, don't really feel anything or even care about the other person. it does nothing to their life, or their relationships. but... other abusers, may feel guilty, or excited, or disapppointed with themselves. which could affect their lives, and the people around them. if they feel guilty, (MORE)

Is verbal abuse worse than physical abuse?

They can both be bad.Its like chewing tobacco and smoking tabcco, They both cause cancer one just does it quicker and in a different part of the body.Death can occur from either abuse, physical abuse just causes it faster.

Which abuse is worse?

Mental/Emotional, Physical, and sexual abuse all have very negative effects on a person and it depends on how you personally are able to deal with the type of abuse. Nobody reacts the same to every situation.

What are the consequences of child abuse for the abuser?

the abuser goes to prison depending on how long and sever the abuse is The worst Punishment for a child abuser is guilt. I know first hand what is is like. Do I consider myself a child abuser, NO. My son Jason had an episode a few months back and I struck him in the face. A downstairs neighbor ha (MORE)

What does a child abuse do?

Child abuse in the long run has many bad emotional effects. Such effects as homosexuality, problems in relationships and problems dealing with relatively normal issues.

Why is animal abuse worse than women?

Because animals are defenseless and very literally do not have a voice to alert anyone of authority. Its the same as abusing a child. They kind of depend and look up to the abuser as their caretaker, food source, shelter source and "love." Its a lot harder for animals (and children alike) to escape (MORE)

What are Spain's child abuse laws?

I believe, it should all be the same. Child abuse should be permanently prohibited anywhere and everywhere in the world. No one has a right to hit another human being. Regardless if you're the parent or not. Whoever it is, should NEVER abuse a child or/and any living person.

Is there a way to stop child abuse?

I personally think there is a way to stop child abuse..but the thing is is its reallly up to tht person like they need to talk to somebody about it like a pastor or a friend or just somebody they can trust an tht could help them but tha only think tht can stop it is a miracle from god..and a talk wi (MORE)

How much child abuse is there in Oklahoma?

As of 2013, a rate of 12.2 children per 1,000 were victims ofabuse/neglect in Oklahoma, a 16.8% increase from 2012. In the early2000s, Oklahoma was reported to be in the top 5 states for worsechild abuse rates. However, they are reportedly doing better morerecently. In 2012, Oklahoma ranked 31 in a (MORE)

Why abuse child want to be with abuse person?

The sad truth is that the abusive person is almost always the abused child's parent, guardian, or friend. Often the child get the idea that he or she deserves to be abused and that the abuser is trying to help him/her. Luckily, therapy and foster or adoptive parents know how to help the healing proc (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of child abuse?

Everything! These questions are like, asked by morons, and by seeing your question, I get it, you abuse a child, and you should be reported to the Police, thank you for reading this.

Women and child abuse?

More than meets the eye. Many women abuse children. often there are (mothers) in name only who use their kids as whipping boys ( or girls) for their hated ex-spouse, boyfriend, etc. I heard from a woman who was once a security officer at a prison ( a prison guard, so to speak)- most of the women in (MORE)

What agencies are involved in child abuse?

Believe it or not NONE at the federal level, maybe there are some five-ten man squads on the F.B,I. but not to my knowledge. there is no Federal Child Abuse agency. Back when H.E.W. was under one roof ( and Mr. Califano had the Conn) it might have been more conceivable to have a federal agency direc (MORE)

Can a child be blamed if he is abused by his parents?

The term abuse implies unjustified mistreatment; it would not be accurate to describe as abuse some parental discipline which was actually necessary due to the actions of the child being disciplined. But beyond that, let's say the question is, can parents be justified in treating their children hars (MORE)

What do animal abusement and child abusement have in common?

Animal and child abuse are issues to be taken very seriously. They both have different forms of abuse such as neglect and physical abuse. Both are happening all around the world, and many are trying to help those being abused. Please tell someone you trust if you know someone who is being abused or (MORE)

What can a parent do to control child abuse?

If that parent doesn't abuse their children, then that is all we can expect. If they join groups which work to prevent or repair the effects of the abuse, then that is even better.

How can someone abuse a child with disabilities?

It depends on the nature of the disablement. Sadly, most of the abuse is not by parents but by peers- Kids have it seems l0l derisive nicknames for eyeglass wearers, On the other hand I cannot recall any Teachers poking fun of this condition. ( I have worn specs over 45 years) The same is true of ot (MORE)

Why is favoritism considered child abuse?

Parental favoritism is considered child abuse because it leaves lasting psychological scars on a child/teenager that carry with them through to their adult lives. Most children who were not the favored one suffer from feelings of inadequacy, depression, suicidal ideation, and just a general sense of (MORE)

Why child should not be physically abuse?

Well first of all they shouldn't be abused because your just going to make them into a dangerous person that's not cool at all. And second, why even hit your child? There like a gift from god that you praised to have, right? And I think that parents should really think of other ways to make their ch (MORE)

How can a child report child abuse?

In Australia Kids Helpline is one of the best ways to get help with your problems. You can call them free on 1800 55 1800, but if you don't have access to a phone, then you can talk to someone via their website: www.kidshelp.com.au

Where is a child taken after child abuse?

A child that has been effected by child abuse would either put in a orphanage to wait for an adopter or would be put into a foster home. most foster homes are temporally until the next family wants them

Where does child get abuse?

Child abuse is a broad term and goes all the gamut from minor punitive sanctions that by the way, we would never inflict on an adult ( for example Knuckle Soup) which was widely practiced by some teachers. the teachers were crafty about weapons used so the penalty shot or swat would be painful but n (MORE)

Is hitting a child in the face child abuse abuse?

Hitting, slapping, or spanking a child anywhere on their body is known as "Physical Child Abuse." But it depends on where you live, the reason you hit them, and how much force is applied. Slapping them on the buttocks is a different matter than slapping them in the face.

The abuses child can do also abuse?

Sure, it"s the bully cycle. Doesn"t always turn out that way, victim may internalize the violence rather than retaliate or take it out on , say younger kids. If a child lives with violence as a constant background, he or she cannot help but be affected.

Is child labor child abuse?

If it takes place at a hazardous job site- say a srip mine, it is also endangering the welfare of a minor. this is one reason why you don"t see many kids in risky Carnival stunts. one fall, bad for business!