What is wrong if you shut off the electricity at the circuit box and had to shut off a few to find the right circuit to change a fixture and now your pool lights and kitchen ceiling fan do not work?

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Sometimes when you shut down a circuit breaker it doesn't go all the way back to the on position. Try shutting them off again, making sure they go fully to the off position then flip them on making sure they are fully on. If the toggle that you flip is wobbly or feels loose that is your problem and you can correct it by doing the above. <><><> It is possible that one of the circuit breakers you turned off is bad. I have turned off breakers before and had them fail to reconnect the circuit when it was flipped back on. I had to replace the breakers. <><><> Could be the electrical circuits in the pool area - which is very liable to get water spray and splashes - is protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) as well as the main circuit breaker on the supply panel.

If that fixture you mentioned has been replaced incorrectly there could be a wiring error or a ground fault condition which is tripping the GFCI. As working on electricity in a wet area is now illegal in many localities - check the wiring codes or regulations in the town or state where you live - it is safest and best to call in a licensed electrician to fix this problem for you. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOB

If you do this work yourself, always turn off the power at the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work AND always use a meter or voltage indicator to insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.
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Why might parking lights not shut off?

%DETAILS%. Answer . Hey Lain==They are on the headlight switch so the headlight fuse should turn them off. The problem is probably in the switch itself. GoodluckJoe.

How many light fixtures can you run off of one 15A breaker when including a ceiling fan with no light?

for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies Using W=V*A, you can figure 120volts*15amps = 1800 watts. Typically you want to use around 80 percent of your capacity, so you are left with 1440 watts. You'd have to check the listing on your fan, but assume it uses around 400 watts a (MORE)

What is wrong if your 1992 Grand Am keeps shutting off while idling but starts right back up and no mechanic can find the problem?

Answer . \nIf you have replaced or unplugged any antitheft component, the computer in the car has to relearn the identity of the part. To do this simply attempt to start the car (some times it will start then shut down instantly) then just leave the key in the running possision. The theft system (MORE)

What's wrong if your car ac works for a few minutes then the compressor stops running and if you shut it off and then turn it back on it works for a few more minutes?

It sounds like an old car of mine. My old car had a short in the wiring and instead of replacing the wiring the previous owner installed a circuit breaker instead of a fuse. the problem was that the breakers amperage was small and cut out after a while. These circuit breakers are made to do this for (MORE)

How do you shut off a ceiling fan that stays on?

Four possibilities: 1. Look for a Turn Switch or a Pull-Chain hanging from the fan - if there is one try turning the switch or pulling the chain! 2. A faulty Turn Switch or Pull-Chain Switch near bottom of the fan 3. The switch at the fan has a missing pull chain or string? 4. A faulty wall swit (MORE)

What would cause the parking lights to stay on after the lights and engine are shut off and the electric locks to stop working on a 2000 Eclipse RS?

Answer . \nmost likely and aftermarket alarm has been installed? if not, check all the fuses, and basic electrical connections...read up on checking procedures...\n. \neveryone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at the library in the refe (MORE)

Your Grand Prix fan controls only work on 5 not 1-4 and when it is on 1-4 it shuts your head lights off alredy changed the resistor did not help?

Answer 1 This is a very weird one, since the blower fan and the headlights are SUPPOSED to be on SEPERATE CIRCUITS !!!!! Although I have almost fifty years of automotive repair experience, I have none on your vehicle. However, that should not make a difference, as most automotive wiring systems are (MORE)

Can you save money when shutting off the lights?

Yes. Turning off the lights saves money because they will not be using electricity.. You may also save money - and not waste electricity - when you will be out of the house/office for some time by: unplugging TV sets, stereo units and those power adapters {used to recharge cell phones, laptop compu (MORE)

Shut off change oil light on grand am?

Turn ignition to ON position. Press brake pedal all the way down for about 3-5 seconds. Then pump gas pedal 3 times quickly. Start the car. Oil change light should go off. Works for 2002 Grand Am.

Can you shut off a pool pump at night?

Yes Most pools dont need more then between 6 and 8 hours with the filter running per day and have an automatic timer that turns the pump on and of at the times preferred.

Blew a circuit but no switches in circuit box are off why no lights?

Cause you blew the fuse, The switch may not be off but there is a break somewhere in you circuit and will not work. If your circuit isn't working and all the switches are closed (on) You probably have a series circuit. meaning one wire is connecting all your electric currents and keeping it flowing. (MORE)

Why Shut off air conditioner circuit breaker in the winter?

It is a power safety move. When you are heating your home in the winter time and maybe the heat gets turned up on a very cold day, the temperature could go higher that where the set-point for cooling is set on the air conditioner. The two devices would be in conflict with each other. The heating sys (MORE)

How do I convert a recessed box light fixture to a ceiling fan fixture?

The critical thing here is that the ceiling box be supported in the ceiling or attic to hold the weight of the fan. Ceiling fan boxes with supports built in to them are available at any hardware store.. Chances are your original light only has a two conductor (with ground) wire going to it. This me (MORE)

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After changing oil, turn the key to the on posistion like you would when starting the car, BUT DO NOT START THE MOTOR!!!! Then, pump the brake pedal slowly 3 times. This should give you a message that says "Engine Oil Life Reset.". Hope this helps. If not, look in your owners manual for your car, i (MORE)

After connecting the battery on a 75 corvette and turning on the ignition to the start position all electrical circuits shut off like the lights radio horn I've replaced stater and battery any ideas?

Youve eliminated the two key areas where a bad contact could cause the problem. The next easiest place to look for a bad wire is at the fusible link where the alternator wire meets the main power wire off the starter as it goes into the bulkhead connector. The next place would be the main power spli (MORE)

Can your electric be shut off in winter?

It depends on the state and power company. Some companies (even in Northern states) will turn off you electricity during the winter unless you are making a effort to pay a part of the bill, have a infant in your home, or are on a public assistance program. The Illinois Commerce Commission mandates t (MORE)

Why wont your electric fan shut off?

more than likely the relay has hung in the closed position. look in the pdc (power distribution center) and locate the relay for the engine cooling fan and try removing it and see if the fan stops

Why main circuit breaker shuts off?

a circuit breaker trips on overload,if this breaker has tripped many times it may be worn out,if there is a overload happening the breaker is doing it s job keeping you safe.Main breaker needs to be replaced when your meter has been pulled(removed from metersocket)Have a electrician look at it and v (MORE)

Why does an outdoor light shut off?

maybe it is an outdoor activity sensor light fixture and when you go inside and there is no activity outside so the light automatically shuts off If it is a regular romex powered fixture that operates with the fuse box in the house then that light switch must be connected to an other line that is p (MORE)

How do you shut off the license plate light?

In an older car, all you need to do is turn off the running lights. in a newer model, it's likely that you won't have an option, but there may be a fuse you can pull. I wouldn't do it, though; I think there's a fine for it.

Where do you shut off water source to pool?

If your pool has a water fill, there is usually a valve inside a green box somewhere nearby. Or, sometimes, the waterfill is tied in with your sprinkler system. As a last alternative, look around your swimming pool equipment to see is there is a water faucet connected to the plumbing. It will be usu (MORE)

What does it mean when turn car on a oil light stays on for few seconds and then shuts off?

The oil light come on if there is not enough oil pressure. When you first start up, the oil pump needs a little time to build up the pressure. However, you should check that the oil reservoir is full with the dip stick (with the car cold and on level ground). It may also be that the oil and oil fi (MORE)

Why does the fan not shut off when the light goes on and off on a ceiling fan?

some fans do, but most fans have a timer built into them, this is designed to remove excess moisture and air after use, they all have a dial inside to adjust them time that they can run after the light is switched off and this varies alot depending on the manufacturer, in my experience most switch o (MORE)

How do you change a shut off valve?

I'm not being stupid, you just change it. How ever it is installed, threaded on, sweated or compression fitting, remove and replace. I'm assuming water. There is another shut off valve further down the line. If it is the main shut off in the house, there is one at the meter. Shut the water off, drai (MORE)

How do you get cover off a dome ceiling light fixture to change a light bulb?

It depends on the exact type of dome fixture. 1. Some have 3 screws holding the globe in. It is just a matter ofunscrewing all 3 thumb screws most of the way and wiggling theglobe loose. To put it back, you make the lip of the globe clearthe screws so the globe is flush with the fixture and then ev (MORE)

Do you have to turn off circuit breaker to change outdoor light fixture?

If you are an electrician sometimes they don't, but I guess if youwere an electrician you would not be asking this question. To answer the question accurately then the answer is no. But it isalways safer to shut the breaker off when working on any electricalequipment. Don't depend on the switch ahea (MORE)

Do the green transformer boxes ever stop working and when the electrical company closes for the day do they shut off the transformer boxes?

No. Transformers remain energised permanently and are only disconnected for maintenance. If the company were to shut off the transformer, then you would lose the electricity supply to your property. An energised transformer normally hums, which is usually an indication that it is energised, however (MORE)