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What is wrong when you try to start car and won't turn over and when you turn the key back off you hear a CLICK sound?

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Sounds like you might have a battery problem. The clicking sounds are most likely the solenoid engaging and disengaging...there's probably enough battery power to engage your solenoid, but not enough to turn the engine over. You can check your lights, horn, etc., for evidence of a bad battery, and of course, always start by checking (and cleaning) your battery connections. Good luck.

I wouldn't judge battery by lights, etc. My car wouldn't crank over...just lights on dash...tried jumping, etc. The lights were bright when not jumping. Turned out at Autozone (free check) that my battery had 12.0 V, needed 12.2V to check, and was only 24% charged (even tho lights were bright, etc). After charging for 3 hours, it was only 36% charged and was bad. I replaced the battery and the car immediately cranked and started. Hope this helps.
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Is it the alternator if the car wont turn over and you only hear a clicking noise when you turn the key to start a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

Battery, or starter is bad. Now the battery could be dead due to a defective alternator. Clean the battery terminals, and charge the battery fully. Attempt to start the car. I

95 olds delta 88 royale- My car worked until i turned the ignition off. When i try to start it back up the key just turned no click or crank. What could be wrong with it if its not the starter?

    Try cleaning off your battery posts and connections, ignition switch a possibility, try wiggling the key around when you start the car, if it starts you found your

1995 Intrepid turn the key and I get clicking sounds and no engine start I try a few time and finally it turns over after sometimes 10 or more tries what is wrong?

  Answer   This sounds like one or more of four things:   1. Your battery is nearly dead. Try jumping it first. If that doesn't work,you can take the battery to a

When i try to start my 96 blazer i only hear a click but the engine won't turn?

You need to check all the connections on the starter and battery REAL REAL CLOSE Check ALL grounds. Make sure they are tight and very clean. If all that's okay then replac