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What is wrong with my rear projection TV the picture is green?

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Red and blue tubes are not working.
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What is wrong when your projection TV picture is weak?

Cause of Weak Picture   Could be anything from a poor adjustment of the user's menu settings to something more severe. Need a lot more info before it can be answered co

Blue and green picture on TV?

If you have something other than a TV with a standard cathode ray picture tube, skip to near the end and the part about calling a repair shop. Plasma and LCD sets usually don'

My TV is green and blurry what is wrong?

Have you tried adjusting the settings on your tv like the contrast/tint/etc.? It might be a bad picture tube in which case you may need to get a new tv but without more detail

How do you move a rear projection TV?

  Furniture pads and properly secure the TV in the truck by using the tie down rails. If you're just moving it from one side of the room to another, furniture moving pad

How do you move a rear projection TV upstairs?

  Very carefully, and don't rush it! If possible, remove external attached speakers, or any other items which may make the TV lighter. If possible, attach padding to the

How do you adjust convergence on rear projection tv?

This will depend on your specific brand and model. Most models will allow you to pull up the convergene menu by using the original remote. Once is displayed on the screen you

How do you clean inside rear projection tv?

I have found Mittsubishi Come Apart From the Front, Remove Speaker cover pulling out to you, then remove the screws under channel,volume switches accros lower facia, Remove th

How do rear projection TVs work?

Red, green and blue light sources like a digital front projector make up the image and each path of light bounces off a mirror. After they bounce off the mirror, they hit a sc

How would a rear projection tv be useful?

A rear projector tv is useful for a better quality of the image, a bigger group of people watching TV in a bigger room. Also is very interesting to create a cinema effect in y

Does amazoncom sell rear projection TVs?

amazon.com sells almost everything, including rear projection tvs. They do not have a very large selection and it would probably be in your best interest to go into a smaller
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What are the benefits of rear projection TVs?

Rear-projection technology allows for large displays; rear-projection televisions range from 42" to 80" on the diagonal. Furthermore, rear-projection televisions are comparabl