What is x factor in french?

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facteur x.
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What is an x-factor?

Answer . it is an bowling ball made by storm products. they produce bowling balls and accessories. their is an x-factor and an x-factor 2 of which i own. great bowling

What is X-Factor?

The X Factor is a television programme in 26 different countries starting with the UK. It was first broadcast on 4th September 2004. . The Judges are Simon Cowell, Louis Wals

What is the x factor?

It is a singing Competion where people compeete to win a lot of money, there is judges: Simon Cowel Cheryl Cole Louis Walsh and Danii Minogue

How do you get on x factor?

If you go on to WWW.x factor.co.uk. and click on applications print it off then send it to x factor

What is 'X' in French?

La lettre 'x' is a French equivalent of the English letter 'x'. The feminine definite article 'la' means 'the'. The feminine noun 'lettre' means 'letter'. All together, t

When will x factor be on?

look for uk x factor auditions to be starting near the end of march and into april this year. so far audition details have not been posted for the uk x factor, but for the us