What is x squared minus 3x minus 40?

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It is: (x+5)(x-8) when factored
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3x squared minus x minus 2?

What is the question? Do you want to factor 3x 2 -x -2?. If that is the question the answer is (3x + 2)(x-1)

What is 3x squared minus x squared?

3x^2 - x^2 = (3 - 1)(x^2) = 2x^2\nIt is a good idea early one in math to think of things like this..\n. \njust like we can add or subtract numbers, we can add or subtracts x^

What is x squared minus 3x minus 28 for x?

This expression doesn't tell what 'x' has to be. In fact, 'x' can be anything. Your choice. Every time you change 'x', the expression becomes a different number. If this
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What are the factors of 3x squared minus x plus 4?

That doesn't factor neatly. Applying the quadratic equation, we find two imaginary solutions: (1 plus or minus the square root of -47) divided by 6. x = 0.16666 + 1.1426091