What is xda what is the difference between pda and xda?

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An XDA is a PDA with a phone.
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What is the XDA acronym and it's technology?

The "X" represents convergence of voice and information/data within one product; the "da" stands for "digital assistant", as in PDA . Xtended Design Architecture . eXtensible Distributed Architecture

What is a PDA?

A personal digital assistant (PDA) is a handheld computer also known as palmtop computers . Newer PDAs also have both color screens and audio capabilities, enabling them to be used as mobile phones, (smartphones), web browsers, or portable media players. Many PDAs can access the Internet, intrane (MORE)

When was the PDA invented?

Answer by sawboy_buck . Launched in 1984, the Psion Organizer was considered to be the first ever PDA. Its first model was based on an 8-bit Hitachi 6301-family processor. It featured 4K of ROM and 2K of battery-backed RAM, and had a single-row monochrome LCD screen. The machine provided a simple (MORE)

What is a pda phone?

A Personal Data Assistant phone has way more functions than a regular one. You can use them to make Microsoft compatible documents and spreadsheets, play music, play games, use timers and stopwatches, make a calender and much more. Remember, to do many of these functions you need to install apps (pr (MORE)

Working of pda?

· Microprocessor. . · Operating System. . · Solid-state Memory. . · Batteries. . · LCD display. . · Input Device-Buttons in combination with touch-screen or keyboard. . · Input/Output ports. . Microprocessors . . Like standard desktop and laptop computers, PDA (MORE)

What is a PDA used for?

They can be used for many things. You can use them to makeMicrosoft compatible documents and spreadsheets, play music, playgames, use timers and stopwatches, make a calendar and much more.Remember, to do many of these functions you need to install apps.Many PDA apps are free. A PDA is a Personal Di (MORE)

What is the difference between a desktop and a PDA?

A desktop is a type of computing client that typically utilizes amachine based on a motherboard, hdd, keyboard and mouse. A PDA isalso a computer by definition but has a form factor designed forsmall size and individual mobility. PDAs have been widelysupplanted, if not replaced by the proliferation (MORE)

Where can you get a PDA?

In short: Anywhere. Possible ways 1 Order online. I prefer HP ones. 2 At local store. It might be a bit more expensive, but you've got more choices (since you can actually try using the device) 3 Ask your friend to give you one

How does a PDA work?

PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. It is a advanced and smart communicator device having electronic circuit. It organizes & stores memo & todo for you.

Function of PDA?

Let's see...... what can you do with a computer? Listless. If you have to make a list, you might have nowhere to start. A PDA is just like a PC (or Mac, if you prefer Apple). But it's smaller - which means it's slower. Let me list everything I can think about. Advantages of a PDA -- 1 S (MORE)

What is the difference between GSM and PDA phones?

GSM is a network - more exactly, it's a - digital cellular communication system used in many countries (based on a variation of TDMA technology) A PDA phone is a phone which is also a PDA, or a PDA with a phone function. it's on the hardware aspect. So, I guess they're irrelevant.

Disadvantages of a pda?

touch screen- can accidently delete stuff without knowing. touch screen- can accidently delete stuff without knowing

What is a pda file?

If you asked what a file on a PDA is, my answer is everything. anything you see on a desktop computer can also be a file on a PDA. If you asked what a .pda file (having an extension of PDA), sorry, no idea. :)

How do you copy contacts from xda mini to sim card?

-if you have an o2 mini..with windows mobile 2003....and windoes mobile 6.1--- step1- go to contacts 2- go to menu, 3- select contact(do all) 4- tap-hold any selected contact 5- copy contacts to sim.... 4 more help; post a question..come on facebook-chinmay parashar

What is PDAs?

PDA stands for Personal Digitial Assistant. These are handheld computers such as the Blackberry, Palm Pilot etc.

Disadvantages of pdas?

The disadvantages of a PDA would be that it does not make phonecalls. Also, you must remember to put the information in it or itwill be useless.

What are the components of PDA?

PDA stands for public displays of affection. This may includecouples hand holding, hugging, being affectionate, and kissing inpublic.

What is a PDA device?

A PDA is a personal digital assistant . It is a handheld computer device with a touchscreen for connecting to the Internet, making a calendar, and listening to music, among other features. PDAs have largely become obsolete with the advent of affordable smartphones.

Why invest a PDA?

It may not be worth it, it depends on your needs/wants. You can use them to make Microsoft compatible documents and spreadsheets, play music, play games, use timers and stopwatches, make a calender and much more. Remember, to do many of these functions you need to install apps (prc). Many PDA apps a (MORE)

What can a PDA do?

It can make all your guns up to full ammo and u get it on the stadium planet By Remus Mavrodoglu

Is PDA bad?

It is an opinion.. General etiquette states that it depends on how much PDA, a little pda is ok, very graphic pda or extreme mush not so much. Also, where the display is, in a theatre, depends on how loud, at a club the rules are less stringent.

How do you hard reset an xda serra?

1. Pull out the stylus. 2. With the device turned on, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN and ENTER buttons, then press the RESET button with the stylus tip. 3. Release the RESET button, but continue pressing the VOLUME DOWN and ENTER buttons until you see this message on the screen: "This operati (MORE)

What are names for pda?

Some names for the PDA are hand held device, hand held computer, Personal Digital Assistant. Cell phones that have a PDA built in are called Smart phones. Electronic organizer is also another name for a PDA.

What is the difference between a tablet PC and PDA?

A tablet PC are the single user systems and are based on microprocessors. some examples of microcomputers are the desktop model,the laptop and the pocket pc whereas PDA is a hand -held device that combines computing ,telephone /fax and networking features

The uses of a pda?

Communication and Collaboration Applications 28.Send an email29.Group schedule school meetings30.Collaborate on a graphic organizer31.Send or receive a fax32.Make a presentation33.Make a phone call34.Distribute school activity information to students and parents35.Exchange information with a colleag (MORE)

What do you mean by PDA?

A PDA is a Personal Digital Assistant. They consist of things like calenders, address books, To Do lists and notepads. All of these things are designed to help you stay organized. this could also mean 'public display of affection'

What the price of pda?

Prices of PDA's can vary. Features and the amount of memory they hold will determine the price range. Cell phones that have different PDA capabilities with also vary in price.

What is the use of PDA?

PDA - Personal Digital Assistant is a small form of Handheld Computer that is used to access Internet, Mail, Calendar, Memo Software & Slots for Memory Cards. Additionally used as Mobile Phone, GPS unit and provides useful applications for daily use with Touchscreen Input. Today's Smartphone a (MORE)

What does a pda cost?

A personal digital assistant system cost can vary as their arenumerous types, brands, and functions provided. Depending on thetype of personal digital assistant system sought prices can rangefrom less than $100 to more than $500.

What is the purose of the pda?

You can use them to make Microsoft compatible documents and spreadsheets, play music, play games, use timers and stopwatches, make a calender and much more. Remember, to do many of these functions you need to install apps (prc). Many PDA apps are free. .

What difference between pda and uv detector in hplc?

PDA - Photo diode arrayUV- Ultra violetwith use of PDA detector, we can measure the area or heightof particular peak at different wavelengths ranging from200 to 800 nm by injecting the solution at once. Where asin uv detector we can measure the area or height of thepeak only at two different wavelen (MORE)

What is the difference between a laptop and a pda?

Good question! A laptop is an electronic device that is larger and has somewhat different functions than that of a PDA. A PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is a device that helps one keep track of their schedule and also stores information such as phone numbers and emails. A laptop is meant to help y (MORE)

What does the ram in a pda do?

In computers, RAM is used for temporary storage. PDAs, however, use RAM as their main storage. 99% of the apps you install are saved to RAM.

Is PDA a noun?

PDA is an acronym that stands for Public Display of Affection. Public is a modifier describing Display, which could be a noun or a verb. of Affection makes up a prepositional phrase (of is the preposition, Affection is the object of the preposition) that also describes Display.

What is difference between microcontroller and a PDA?

a microcontroller is just 1 integrated circuit . a PDA is several integrated circuits, one or more circuitboards, a handheld size housing, a rechargeable battery, atouchscreen I/O device, etc. that is ready for a user tooperate

What is the difference between cell phones and PDAs?

A PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. Mobile phones or cell phones are simply devices which enable a user to call, text, or view web content. PDA devices have more features which enable the user to use computing, telephone, fax services, and personal organizer services.

What company produces the O2 XDA?

There are many different companies the produce O2 XDA phones. An O2 XDA phone is a device that runs on Windows Mobile. Some manufacturers of O2 XDA phones are HTC, Erima, and Quanta.

What is the difference between a PDA and a cell phone?

A cell phone is a communication device that uses radio waves and satellite transmissions. It's capable of providing voice communications and sending messages. However, most of them are also capable of providing internet, instant messaging, and email. A PDA, on the other hand, is a device that is usu (MORE)

Where can one buy O2 XDA Exec mobile?

The O2 XDA Exec mobile can be bought directly from O2 stores with or without a monthly contract. If you wish to use a different carrier you may look for the phone on an auction site such as eBay.