What is your daily requirement for sleep?

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Scientists say between 6-8 hours is good for the best health. Since it is a matter of medical opinion you probably won't get a solid answer for everyone of every age.
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How do you calculate daily calorie requirements for children?

\nHere are the general caloric recommendations from the Institute of Medicine (IOM).\n. \n2 - 3 years:\n1000 - 1400 \n(2-3 years)\n. \n. \n4 - 8 years:\n1400-1600\n. \n. \n9 - 13 years:\ngirls: \n1600-2000\nboys:\n1800-2200\n. \n14 - 18 yr. girls:\n2000\n. \n14 - 18 yr. boys:\n2200- 2400\n. (MORE)

Daily drinking water requirement?

The average need is 2.5 liters of water.. This is mainly depends on weight and height of individuals.common believe is 8 glass's per day which is not true, could be more for some people and less for others. More important factor is what type of water to drink.

What is the daily protein requirement for adults?

Protein RDA Protein recommendations are mainly based on the individuals body weight. The protein RDA is high, to cover most person's needs. The average requirement for protein is 0.6 grams per kilogram of body weight; the RDA is 0.8 grams this is said to meet 97.5% of the population's needs.

What are the daily requirements of a veterinarian?

This will vary depending upon the type of career the veterinarian has. For a private practice small animal veterinarian, on a daily basis he/she will be examining patients, talking with clients and possibly performing surgery.

What are the daily requirements for a healthy diet?

Answer . Try to incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet, and leave as many as possible uncooked. Cooking vegetables depletes some of the minerals - so avoid doing this when ever you can. However, vegetables are healthy whether or not they are cooked, so do not let this lower your (MORE)

What is the minimum daily carbohydrate requirement?

The minimum daily carbohydrate requirement is zero because carbohydrate (unlike protein and fat) is not an essential nutrient. The body can make glucose in sufficient quantities for all the organs such as the brain that require glucose, which is why one can fast for long periods without dying. Fo (MORE)

Daily nutritional requirements?

2200 milligrams of potassium per day is the least a young healthy adult who is not perspiring, diarrhea afflicted, or under stress should get. An amount that person should shoot for is at least 3500 milligrams per day to be safe. 2.5 milligrams is the least an adult should get of copper per day. 3 (MORE)

Does sleeping require energy?

Yes. Anything you do, even if it's just watching TV or sitting quietly requires energy. Your heart keeps pumping, you keep breathing- that requires energy.

Daily potassium requirement?

The daily potassium requirement for an adult is 4,700 mg per day.Loss potassium levels can lead to weakness, muscle cramps, andheart problems.

Why do everyone sleeps daily?

Because it is essential for our survival. Your body needs rest. You can live longer without water than you can without sleep.

Factors affecting daily energy requirements?

These are the factors: 1.occupation-heavy physical work requires more energy than sedentary worker 2.body size and weight-the more the size, the more energy required 3. gender-young male adults need more energy than young female adults 4.age-children and adolescents need more energy for grow (MORE)

What is the minimum daily salt requirement?

There's so much salt in our usual foodstuffs that there's hardly any need to talk about a daily minimum. Unless you're on a really strict diet most likely you're getting more than you need anyhow. For the average healthy adult, about 500mg is required for basic physiologic function. However, if y (MORE)

How many hours of sleep is required for an adult?

7-8 hours is recommended. . Answer: . Regular good-quality sleep results in a restorative process in the body that helps renew and protect vital functions within the body. Another benefit is the enhancement sleep appears to have on the brain by increasing memory and reasoning capabilities.

What is the minimum daily requirement for Glucose?

About 160 grams. This need not be straight glucose though, as glucose can be derived from other predecessors - carbohydrates and other materials. Source: Biochemistry 5th Edition. Berg, Tymockzo, and Stryer. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK22591/

What is maximum daily requirement for sodium?

According to the last physician's studies no more than 1500mg per day, most people are using twice that amount, resulting in higher blood pressure A normal healthy adult should consume no more than 2300mg of sodium per day which amounts to 1 tsp of table salt. 1500mg might be for a restricted sodiu (MORE)

What animal requires little sleep?

The more general brain development of the animal behind the less time sleeping they need, because the brain is the evolution of animals from the last one of the senior organ, the human brain is the youngest, and therefore we are not very perfect, and need the regular rest, but like a rat, it just ne (MORE)

What is the maximum daily requirement of Vitamin D?

At latitudes between 37 degrees North and 37 degrees South, most people get their daily requirement of Vitamin D from the sun. 15 minutes exposure will do it. However, if you live nearer to the poles, the sun is not strong enough, in winter, to provide you with the amount of Vitamin D you need. P (MORE)

What is the minimum daily requirement of protein?

There are two answers to this: 1. The "safe" answer is that you most likely already get the minimum daily requirement of protein and it shouldn't be a major concern, unless you choose a vegan diet. 2. The "real" answer is 1 gram per kilogram for an active person.

How many cups of milk is required daily?

Honestly, milk isn't the best thing in the world for you like everyone makes it out to be. And, if you do drink milk make sure you buy whole milk, not fat free or 1%, because the fat in it actually helps your body digest it. So drink milk daily because you like it, not because you think it is health (MORE)

What are the daily requirements for carbs?

Carbs are not required in your diet. Carbs fallow you in your normal diet. That means that most of the food contains the carbs. Too many of carbs are not good for you to consume. They promote obesity.

Which mineral has the smallest daily requirement?

Chromium has the smallest daily requirement at 25 mcg for women under 51 and 35 mcg for men under 51. For those over 51, the requirement is 20 mcg for women and 30 mcg for men. . For more information about daily requirements visit http://www.supplementquality.com/news/multi_mineral_chart.html.

What is the normal daily requirement of protein?

The normal daily requirement of protein differs from person to person. However, as a general rule of thumb, however many kilograms one weighs, one should eat that amount in grams. If you only know your weight in pounds, then divide that by two and that is how many grams of protein one should eat.

Minimum daily requirement of protein for man is?

basically it depends on the protein mass of your body for example a person's weight is 8o kg. and protein mass or muscle mass in his body is40 kg then he should take approx. 100 gms of protein in his daily diet.

What is the daily requirement for sugar?

You need about 100 g of carbohydrates (sugar) per day to prevent ketosis. However, if you're charbohydrates are from non-sugar sources (like starch), then you don't need any sugar.

What is the daily requirement for vitamin D3?

That depends on your size and age and health. A healthy 160 lb adult needs about 5000 IUs a day, A 20 lb child needs that much once a week. If they are sick that could be increased about 40 times for a few days to boost the immune system.

What is the daily required fiber intake?

Fibers as such are not required. Fibers are not digested as such and consist of little nutritional value. It is still a good idea though to eat food rich in fibers. This will help ensure a healthy dietary system, stomach and intestines will work better if they have something to work on. Bet (MORE)

How many calories are required in a daily diet?

The amount of recommended calories per day varies depending on age, gender, height, weight, and level of activity. According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, the daily calorie intake for adult women should be between 1,600 and 2,400, depending on level of activity. For adult men it ranges from 2,000 (MORE)

What is the daily requirement of water for a dog?

That is a pretty general question. It depends on the dog for starters. If it is a chihuahua, it won't be drinking as much as a Great Dane. It also depends on the time of year, activity level, and a few other things. The best bet is to always have more than enough fresh water available, and keep an e (MORE)

How do you require password when waking from sleep mac?

- Open "System Preferences" - open "Security" - under the tab "General" there will be a box that you can tick saying "Require Password" There are several options for the requirement of a password, so peruse them and see which best suits your needs. This is applicable for Mac OS Snow Leopar (MORE)

Can a sleeping disorder affect your daily life?

Sleeping disorders can affect your daily life. It is recommended that every person should sleep for a total of eight hours. Sleeping disorders can affect the amount of time you are sleeping. You will probably feel fatigued or tired throughout the day with your sleeping disorder

How to convert percent daily requirement to milligrams?

First you more than one knowns to get an unknown. I am going to assume that the percentage daily requirement is accompanied by a figure in milligrams (mg) So: let daily requirement = d, known quantity (mg) = k, percent = p Then: d = k/p x 100

Does it required to masterbute daily?

Masturbation is not a requirement, it is all up to you. Monks don't masturbate at all. . \n\n In most studies masturbation is\nan overwhelmingly universal activity among men and women. As universal as it is\nthere has never been any study that shows the act to be detrimental to the\nbody. \nMast (MORE)

Do you require food when you are sleeping?

No. You can't normally eat while sleeping. While you're asleep your body does require some energy to continue functioning, but what you've eaten during the day normally is more than sufficient for you. *Note: some sleepwalkers actually do eat while "sleeping", they're not actually asleep but in a (MORE)

What prayer is required by Catholic priests daily?

The Divine Office or Breviary contains the daily prayers that all religious and clerics must pray each day. The Divine Office consists of Matins, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, and Compline. The revised Office after Vatican II renames them in the Vernacular: Office of Readings (Matins), (MORE)

What daily activities require speed?

Daily activities including jogging,brisk morning walk requirespeed. To be frank, in this hectic time schedule, you are tomaintain a minimum speed in every work you perform to be in therace.

What is the daily average water requirement for an adult?

That depends on how active you are, what the ambient temperatureis, and other factors. Start with no less than six to eight cups aday (and that's for an inactive person who is not perspiring), andgo up from that amount as needed.