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A fun person who is loving, and smart, and cares for her children... and occasionally has to apologize for them.
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What is Mom?

A mom is a person that gave birth to you. Really, you should know that by now.

What is your mom good for?

A mom is good for making your discussion and getting you out of trouble and being there for you

What is your mom jokes for?

When people say "yo mama's so fat" or "yo mama's so stupid" or something, they are usually used for fun, however sometimes people use them for insults. For example: Yo mama's

What does a mom do?

Most mothers do so many things they cannot all be mentioned, but here are a few: . When a child is very young they calm their child down when they may have nightmares and

What is a mom for?

to take care of you when you're sick. and to listen to you. A mom is: Your personal rowdy rooter!
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What is your mom step dad to you?

If your biological grandpa is still around he can be step grandpa or as we call it, bonus grandpa. The whole step thing sounds so hard. Bonus is better. If your biological gra
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How do your mom?

Adolf Hitler's mother was an Austrian woman named Klara Hiter.