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What islands belong to the cayman islands?

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There are three islands in the Cayman Islands group : Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.
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Who ownes the grand cayman islands?

England, because the Cayman Island's are a British Colony.

Is cayman islands independent?

no, the Cayman Islands are dependent of England(being a British territory).

Who discovered the cayman islands?

Christopher Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands, in 1502.

Where are the cayman islands?

The Cayman Islands (a British Overseas Territory) are in the Caribbean Sea just south of western Cuba, and northwest of Jamaica.

How many islands form the Cayman Islands?

Three islands make up the Cayman Islands; Grand Cayman the largest, Cayman Brac the second largest and Little Cayman the smallest.

What island are the Cayman Islands next to?

The Caymans are south of western Cuba in the Caribbean, just west of Jamaica which is south of central Cuba.