What items are available in the Pokemon GO Shop?

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Items that are available in the Pokemon GO Item Shop would include Poke Balls, Lucky Eggs, Incense and Egg Incubators and you can also pay to have your bay upgraded and you can also pay in order to increase the limit of your Pokemon Storage.
You can buy additional Poké Balls, Incense, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, Egg Incubators (3 uses), Bag Upgrades, Pokémon Storage Upgrades, and PokéCoins.
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What items and Pokemon will be available in the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire demo?

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How much do the items in the Pokemon GO Shop cost?

Generally speaking, items become a better value when you buy moreat once. Here are the currently listed prices on all items in theShop, measured in PokéCoins: 20 Poké Ba
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Why is Pokemon GO saying that the item is no longer available?

That depends on what item you are referring to. In general, if youhave your account open on two different devices, it could bethrowing errors like that, or maybe you used up a
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What are all of the items you can get in Pokemon GO?

Here are the items you can get in Pokemon GO: . Camera (For taking pictures of Pokemon. You get itautomatically.) . Great Ball (For catching Pokemon. Better than a Poke