What job can you find with a bachelor of arts in psychology in south Africa?

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Psychology in state of CaliforniaDepending on the state your going to work in. In California it really doesn't get you far unless your going to be content working in the social service/ substance abuse counseling, At risk youth along those lines, fields such as Couselor II or III. Psychology in California is pretty much the same as Crim major. Most students who decide on that wants to move toward therapist role and that consists of Master/ or PHD depnding whats the couseling element your looking for.
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What jobs can you get with a bachelor in psychology?

With only the bachelors degree you could get a job in human resources, corrections, probation, parole, counselling, research, health services, early childhood education, etc.

What jobs can you get with a bachelor degree in psychology?

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It is just a different approach depending on which focus the department prefers. A general overview of the differences are indicated below. . The Bachelor's of Arts degree