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What jobs are there for 13-14 year olds get?

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Answering "What jobs are there for a 13 year old?"

you could help the people that you live by or you could get a paper round

ask a neighbour if they need a baby sitter

I am 13 years old in Loveland Ohio and i need a job so i can help w/ money. i want a paper route but i don't know the Loveland Herald or Enquirer # or the address. if you can help me pleaseee do!
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What is the best job for a 13 or 14-year-old?

  Answer   What kinds of things do you enjoy? Find a part time job now that will give you opportunities when you get older. You might have to prove your worth by volu

What kind of jobs can 13-14 year old girls get?

Hello umm there is alot of Jobs A 13-14 Year Old girl Can get for example .. ! 1- Baby Sit 2- Pet sit 3- Work in a resturant And Alot More .. Mcdonalds Hire if Ur At least

Where can a 13- or 14-year-old get a job?

Answer     To get a job at a young age depends on your DETERMINATION At 15 you really should work hard at getting a job you could geta vehicle and be able to go out

What job can a 14 year old have?

Any kind of jobs that are not too dangerous and jobs that the parents approve of. for example:baby sittingwalking dogsanimal day carelocal shortstop shopping (shopping for nei

Jobs for 13 gong on 14 year olds?

  In fact, there are lots of jobs you can do . For example, Paperboy,Walk dogs,Lifeguard,Sell Ice Cream ,Tutoring ,Babysitter , Pet sitter and so on. Look around your loca

Where can a 13-14 year old get a job in Illinois?

Yes, but not a full-time job! You need to be 14! But, I made $300 just by doing odd jobs for my parents and neighbors. My parents paid me $20 to clean the Laundry Room and was

What jobs are there for 13-14 year olds?

  There are plenty of good jobs you can do!!! you could mow lawn, clean houses,   wash dogs,wash cars, throw a newspapers, sell lemonade, koolaid,or cakes and   cook