What jobs are there in relation to art?

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too many to list?
just think of anything where people use their hands to make something.
and it can be called an art

To name a few jobs, graphic designer, sign shop worker, art teacher, book illustrator, animator, freelance artist, web design, gallery assistant, theater set design, furniture design.

Art is a very vast field where you can get a lot of career opportunities. If you are a art degree or deploma holder then you have career choices in many fields of arts like animation, graphic designing, architecture, fine arts, web design, video game design,special effects, interior design, illustration and many more. These different careers in art and design obviously vary quite a bit, but they are all the types of career that artistically-minded people would excel in.
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What jobs are there in relation to art for a 13 year old girl?

Answer . These might be just a bunch of crazy ideas, but you never know. Find a few relatively new authors of children's books, OR, find publishers who specialize in child

What jobs can you do with art?

Artist , Art Teacher K-12 , Art historian also such as like doing graphic designs for cars , adds ect.

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