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What jobs can't you do if you are colourblind?

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Actually there are a lot of job fields where a colour blind patient cnt make it, such as graphic design(as expected) and engineering( most of the fields in engineering do not allow colour blind patient to be an engineer even it does really little relation with colour, it's because engineering field always related to someone's life, so it's not suitable to take risk), other thn that there are also occupation like pilot, police, army (law enforcers) and some fields that need a little or much colour specification
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What causes colourblindness?

Colorblindness is caused by an anatomical defect of the inner eye. If the eye lacks certain cones, the cells responsible for detecting and relaying colored light, the brain wi

What is treatment for colourblindness?

None. But something might appear in about 10 years. Stay tuned.   #2 answ: Tests are usually as simple as looking at colored cards. If the card is green but it looks blue t

Can woman be colourblind?

  I believe a small percentage of women can be colour blind but it is more usual that the female carries the defective gene & passes it on to her male offspring but does n

Are cats colourblind?

    Cats can identify in the ranges of purple, blue, green, and yellow. Red, orange, and brown most likely appear dark or gray to them. In addition, cats see things

Why you can't get a job?

 If you're a teen looking for a job good luck! Teens are basically still kids and they want someone with experience and who is responsible! But try looking for one at at fas

What is it like to be colourblind?

I am colour blind and yet I can see colours, at least I think I can. Confused?, you should try it from my side. My problem is, I could ask you 'what is it like not to be colou

Are cows colourblind?

Not entirely. They are dichromatic (?) where they can see only blue and yellow.

Are hamsters colourblind?

I dont think so, but they dont have very good vision, the ones with the black/dark brown eyes can see much better than the ones with the red eyes (albino's)

Can girs be colourblind?

They most certainly can. All humans have the risk of being born or becoming colorblind.

Is colourblindness genetic?

Yes in fact colorblindness is related to genetics. Colorblindness is a sex (gender) linked disorder. In order to find out how colorblindness is inherited you must first kn

How do you become colourblind?

Only 1 person in the world has ever been documented as Completely Color Blind. However, many people are partially color blind, this is caused by mutations in DNA, the same way

Are males colourblind?

The answer to this question is from the medical perspective No. Men do see colors. But I feel this question is being asked no in the strictest definition of Can Men see color