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What jobs can't you do if you are colourblind?

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Actually there are a lot of job fields where a colour blind patient cnt make it, such as graphic design(as expected) and engineering( most of the fields in engineering do not allow colour blind patient to be an engineer even it does really little relation with colour, it's because engineering field always related to someone's life, so it's not suitable to take risk), other thn that there are also occupation like pilot, police, army (law enforcers) and some fields that need a little or much colour specification
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If you can't answer a question on a job application are you supposed to leave it blank or what do you put?

put N/A....not applicable. Do that on contracts too so someone can't write something in after you.

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If you really want the job then you need to evaluate the criteria for placement in the job. Take steps to remedy the aspects in which you are defficient and then try for the j

Is jamie oliver colourblind?

Yes, he supposedly is. He mentioned this on 30 minute meals and jokily added that "unfortunately he cannot fly planes for the military"

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Maybe people just don't trust them. people are sxared and they don't care about helping anyone out but themselves
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What jobs can humans do that robots can't?

Humans are capable of making higher levels of decision making then their robot counterparts. They are also able to be more creative. Drawing abstract art would be a great exam
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Not entirely. They are dichromatic (?) where they can see only blue and yellow.