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What jobs can you get with a degree in information technology?

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You can become a computer programmer, animator, or a website designer.

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What types of jobs can you get with a BA degree in business information technology?

  You mean a BS in Information Technology? (It's usually not very artistic ;)   My BS degree in Computer Information Systems included a lot of IT stuff. IT is very gene

Which degree either computer engg or information technology offers higher job scope?

  According to me degree doesnt matter tht much if u are really skilled in programming   and networking concepts.... and above all u shud one database good knowledge ma

What Jobs you can get with a degree in Information Technology management?

A degree in Information Technology Management can land you a job in a few fields of work. Information Technology would be one field, Database Administrator, programming, possi

What jobs can you get with information technology?

its just depend on the field u choose. Database administrating, mainframes, software and hardware technologies, ethical hacking, security analyst,Hardware and network admini