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What jobs can you get with a degree in information technology?

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You can become a computer programmer, animator, or a website designer.

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After btech how get a goob job in information technology?

  Information Technology is particularly important in the "service" industries such as banking, insurance, and communications. The majority of new jobs in recent years hav

What are four ways in which medical personnel may use information technology in their jobs?

  · Hospitals and doctors use computers to maintain patient records   · Computers monitor patients/ vital signs in hospital rooms   · Doctors use the web and m

What is information technology?

Different sources provide different definitions. A few of these definitions and their sources are included, below... The International Foundation for Information Technology

What is information technology-?

Information technology is the study and use of technology related  to the passing of information. For instance, computers and  telephones and related technology can be calle

What is information technology information broker?

A 'broker', according to sources such as Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a person or entity that is empowered, often for a fee, to act as an intermediary, agent, or executor fo

What are the differences between information communication technology and information technology?

Information Communications Technologies (ICTs), such as Radios, Satellites, Hyper Text Transmission Protocol (HTTP), and Extract Transformation & Load (ETL) solutions, are a s

Which is more marketable career a degree in information technology or a degree in computer science?

  Answer   Software development ranks higher than IT (information technology) personnel, but both are among the most needed jobs on the job market.  A masters degre

Which is a better degree course MBA in information systems or MBA in information technology?

  Answer   Which is a better degree Courses MBA in information systems or MBA in information Technology,as i am Currently working as Technical Engineer in ISP so acco

What kind of jobs can you get in a health information technology field?

Health information technologists organize and manage the health  information of patients. Their work ensures accurate medical  records, proper billing, and provides database

Why did information technology change to information communication technology?

It never did. In fact, Information Communications Technology is a subset of all Information Technology. Information Communications Technology specifically focuses on those sol