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An associates degree in Liberal Arts, more than anything else, prepares students for further study at a 4-year degree granting college or university. Its value lies more in its capacity to prepare students for continuation of studies than for for immediate employment in a particular field. Students can usually fulfill many of a university's general education requirements at the associate level. Additionally, students needing to strengthen their reading, writing, and/or math skills are often better served at associate granting institutions.

With an associate's degree in liberal arts, you might apply for a management job. The paralegal field might also appreciate it, if you do some additional coursework (certificate) in paralegal studies. Also, some employers ask for a degree when seeking for certain administrative positions with bigger companies.

More information and personal experiences: I have an AA degree, and there really is no benefit to having it except saying that you have a piece of paper, nor are there any jobs (and I've searched) that have a decent salary (paralegal might be true [thread below], but I seriously doubt it's a full-time job w/ benefits). I have yet to find an employer seeking to specifically hire someone with an associates degree. A generation back, you were ahead of the curve if you graduated high school, but now you aren't even at the curve until you get a BA/BS. There is a downside to having an AA/AAS: getting the AA/AAS my cost you a lot of time.

If you have a good job, are straight out of high school, and have a moderate amount of discipline, forget getting an AA/AAS and go straight for the BA/BS. You can still go to community college for core requirements (much cheaper than a university if paying your way), and transfer those credits to a University if you do your research. Many local Universities will accept local community college credits.
Many people with Liberal Art degree find entry level positions with larger corporations. Once in the door it is usually easier to find positions that better match your skill levels.

In a poor job market you will have a hard time getting a good job with an A.A. degree. Strongly consider a B.S no matter the financial cost if your single. Use the A.A. degree when your married to work for a company who will pay for your B.S over time.

I got my associate in arts degree, and it is true what you say by having it really helps take care of a lot of stuff when you continue for you B.A. Plus I have so many options of directions I want to go. I can get a minor in just a semester if I choose. Plus many of the requirements in order to get into my major were met, and some were even exceeded, so I can get done quicker.
However, It seems that as far as employment it looks really good and puts you at the top of the pile if your trying to get a security job, or work at mcdonalds, but it can't really get you that high paying job. However, that will come

My experience is slightly different, but may also be helpful. I never got an AA degree. I got a certificate of completion from a trade school. To my complete surprise, nobody, that is NOBODY has EVER asked about my credentials! It turns out that if I can solve a problem for a company, they don't care one tiny bit whether or not I have a degree. Likewise, if I CAN'T solve a problem for a company, my having all the degrees in the world wouldn't do THEM one single, solitary bit of good either!

So, my recommendation is, learn how to solve problems for companies. When you have something that you can do, (even if only type quickly), then offer it to the highest bidder. Don't work for companies that aren't helping solve problems on the planet. I worked for a liquor store once. It took over a year before I realized that I was helping people to kill themselves, and even though it wasn't a very efficient method, I still had no business participating in such a line of work. Remember, liquor stores are COMPLETELY legal in this country! Owners of them can even be considered respectable citizens. Liquor stores, however, don't provide particularly moral work. The damage that they do is far greater than the benefit to society. Don't work for companies that hurt people more than they help them. It will cost you a considerable amount of inconvenience to figure this out and follow it, but the world with be a MUCH better place if you do!

Saying that an associates in arts takes different classes than a bachelors is wrong. I am currently on my way towards my bachelors of science degree and am getting my associates on the way. It is totally possible to do both and I am not wasting any classes. The associates in liberal arts in just pretty much core classes; at least in MI it is.
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