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Advice for obtaining a job with an associate's degree in psychology:
  • It's difficult to get a job with a psychology degree unless you have at least a Master's. An Associate's degree can only get you the most menial of psych jobs, like a medical receptionist or an orderly in an institution.
  • Most employers require experience along with the education. To get experience, try volunteering with somewhere maybe one or two days a week to get that experience.
  • You could work as staff in a residential treatment center for kids, adolescents, or young adults (working directly with the clients/patients). You could work at a state mental hospital as a psych tech. You may possibly qualify for a SSW license depending on the state you are in, which would open a bunch of other employment doors for you.
  • An associates degree will not help you very much in landing your first job. Even many assistant or intern positions require at least a bachelors, and to get fully certified you'll need a master's degree.

  • You might look for a job as drug counselor or on a crisis hotline. High-paying jobs will be very competitive and will probably require at least a bachelors degree, if not a masters or PhD.
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