What keeps the proper conditions inside of a living thing?

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Actually I can tell you are doing a school work sheet so the correct answer for the work sheet is ORGAN
Actually, before you lead another 7th grader astray, the answer is homeostasis.

Whoever made the second comment, you are correct! And this was not my question, but I am also doing a school worksheet and needed help. By the way, second comment, how did you know that the person who asked this is a 7th grader? Because I am too!
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What is the proper name for a living thing?

A very small living thing is called a micro organism or a microbe, micro organism can be spelt with a hyphen (-) or just as two words, a living thing is called an organisms

Where is neon found inside of living things?

Neon is chemically inert. It doesnt react with any other element and (to the best of my knowledge) has no role in living things. So I would comment that the element neon is