What kind of crops grow in Israel?

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According to Answers.com's CIA Factbook:

Israel's agricultural produce are: citrus, vegetables, cotton

The citrus is mainly Oranges grown in the central area of the country. There not called Jaffa oranges for nothing.

Of course the biblical seven species of the Land of Israel are: Wheat, Barley, Grapes, Figs, Pomegranates, Olives and Dates

These are still grown today, however most of the grains are only for export.

 Grapes / Wine There are numerous wineries in Israel from the small boutique wines to the larger companies. Some of the largest wineries are Golan and Carmel.

 Olive Oil Olive Oil is also produced in Israel from Olives grown in the country. Olive trees are mostly found in the Judea area.
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What kinds of crops did colonial Connecticut grow?

Tobacco and rice. Also, they grew corn, and some types of beans, too. Carrots were another common staple. Corn was made into basically everything back in colonial times, because it was the most abundant crop. There were limited supplies that existed in colonial Connecticut.

What kind of crops did Seminole grow?

I'm sorry if this doesn't answer your answer completely but I'm looking for the same thing. so far I've only found corn and cabbage. They also had wheat and flour. they had beans and corn. That's all I know.

What kinds of crops grow in California?

California produces grapes, artichokes and citrus fruit. It produces many other things as well however those are some of the primary exports from that state.

What kind of crops grow in Europe?

As far as i know im typing an essay about how Europe conquered the world. I do know that they grew Yams, and wheat. They have low yield lots of calories, protein, and not hard to plant.

What kind of crops grow in Georgia?

almost everything the north region has very mild soil south has sander soil cash crop is cotton and tobacco but everything can be grown that will produce before frost

What kind of crops grow in Syria?

Crops . Wheat, legumes, tobacco, sesame and unirrigated vegetables are grown in zone 1, which has more than 350 mm of rainfall, and wheat, barley and forage in zone 2, with between 250 and 350 mm. In zone 5, which has less than 200 mm annually, only irrigated crops are grown.

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It is important to know the agriculture of other countries. Jamaicagrows many crops, some of which are yams, potatoes, plantains,corn, rice, watermelon and onions.

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Hawaii grows many things. Some of the top things produced aresugarcane, macadamia nuts, pineapple, and coffee. There are manyother types of fruit and plants that are grown.

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I'm not exactly sure, but the Hittites grew olives, wheat, barely, grapes, and other kinds of fruit. The Hittites grew the fruit ( like grapes) to make wine as well as feed this empire.Granaries were also used to transform wheat into grain to make bread. The Hittites also used animals for food an (MORE)

What kind of crops grow in Antarctica?

No crops grow on Antarctica because it is a "polar" region. There is no precipitation, it has no lakes or rivers and is in fact the driest continent. Average temperatures in the Antarctic interior get down to -70 degrees Celsius during the winter months and -35 degrees Celsius in the warmer months. (MORE)

What kind of crops grow in Ireland?

A huge amount of crops grow in Ireland, as agriculture is a major industries. The list is too long to mention, but would include many fruits, vegetables, grains, flowers and trees, amongst other things. Things like apples, potatoes, onions, carrots, barley, wheat, sprouts, rhubarb, strawberries, goo (MORE)

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All the crops that grow in Indiana are corn but they add buter and salt,soy beans,also id you go to there restraunt they serve only MEAT!!!!

What kind of crops grow in japan?

The previous answer was totally incorrect. Japan is mostly known for growing rice. They make use of the land, even growing rice in between highways!

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I farm in the Panhandle of Texas, and we grow Cotton, Corn, Wheat, Maize, Green Beans, Soybeans, Grapes, Pecans, Sunflowers, Peanuts, and Chili Peppers just within an hours drive time from my house. I know there are many more I just can't think of them all. A good bet would be to say if they grow an (MORE)

What kind of crops grow in north america?

since this is a reltionship question the answer is that little white things grow here and they just keep coming until the hurder stops then or uses protection so there is not and overload. if the white stuff gets into the neighbors property other stuff can grow

What kind of crops grows in Montana?

The main crop that is grown in Montana is wheat. In addition, thestate is responsible for growing other crops such as apples,canola, potatoes, dry beans, field peas, flax, grapes, garlic,lentils, safflowers, mustard, squash, alfalfa, and many more.

What kinds of crops grow in Rome?

The staple crops of Roman farmers in Italy were various grains, olives, and grapes. Olive oil and wine, outside of direct food stuffs, were among the most important products in the ancient civilized world and led Italy's exports. Romans did use a limited form of 2 tier crop rotation, but crop produc (MORE)

What kind of crop does Malaysia grow?

Major commercial cash crop in Malaysia include oil palm & rubber, and it is one of the biggest producer of these two items in the world. Only a smaller scale, pepper, tropical fruits, cocoa and temperate vegetable in highlands constitute a minor part to the economy. Finally rice is for local consump (MORE)

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there are many crops that grow there such as the famous coconut tree and the lovely pua which originally is from samoa there are also many birds such as the tiotala and the lulu known as the owl from loxyy yep

What kind of crops did the Muslims grow?

As whe know the muslims grow very important bananas, they were soimportant in this age , that without big and long bananas theywould survive, this age was very hard

What kinds of crops did Spanish missions grow?

Corn, beans, and squash, to make succotash. Spanish missions existed in what have become many southern states, but I've added a link below for information regarding San Juan Capistrano.

What kind of crops did the Wiyot Indians grow?

Wiyot food consisted mainly of clams and acorns, meaning that they foraged for food rather than growing any crops. This lifestyle is typical of the California tribes. They also fished and hunted deer, sea lions and small mammals; berries and nuts were collected in season.

What kind of crops grow did homesteaders?

Hops, grains, or anything that ferments as a result of yeasts, whether wild, or natural strains. Primarily, agriculturalists value the ability to homebrew. ...A tradition as old as when people began to settle in semi-permanent locations. Once people understood the proper amount of time required to b (MORE)

What kind of crops grow on Antarctica?

No crops grow on Antarctica: it's too cold, the soil is frozen and98% of the continent is covered with an ice sheet. Plus, it is thedriest continent on earth.

What kinds of plants grow in Israel?

Israel's climate ranges from near-taiga (on Mount Hermon), tonear-desert wilderness, so there is an unusually wide range ofplant-types, too many to list. See the Related Links.