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What kind of custody does a family member need to have a child live in their house Mon-Fri and with the parents only on weekends?

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You need a power of guardianship to be certain you have rights to make decisions concerning the child's welfare. This can be a hand-written power of guardianship that the parents give to you. Google to find example of power of guardianship papers.
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If 2 parents have joint custody and are fighting over who the child lives with how old does the child need to be to have a say in which house she wants to live in?

Time for the two parents to grow up and come to some sort of an amicable agreement. All a child sees is "mom and dad" and anything other than that is useless information for h

What do you need to get custody of a family member?

  Answer     Temporary custody (3 months or less) can be granted by the parents of the minor child.     Written documentation must be given by the parents

In Pennsylvania if a child is kicked out of the custodial parent's house and now lives with the non-custodial parent does the non-custodial parent still have to pay child support?

  no the child or teen is not living with them and the child support is to support the teen while they are living there and now they're.. not but if there are other childr

How old does a child need to be to live with other parent in a custody dispute?

Only Texas has that law, but with significant restrictions. In all other states, it's a case by case basis, with the Judge interpreting the maturity of the child, and their i
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Does non custodial parent pay half for family counseling between custodial parent and child only?

You must review your court orders to find the answer in your personal case . Review your separation agreement, custody order and any other orders regarding your financial obl