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What kind of dogs do police officers use?

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German shepherds are the most common but some use other breeds like labs or mixed breeds.
The most commonly used police dog is the Belgian Malinois (90% of the world's military and police units uses them).

The next most popular dog used (9% of all military/police units use them), is the working-line German Shepherd (which is completely different from the normal or "show-line" German shepherd).

The third most used police dog is the Dutch Shepherd, which is pretty much a Belgian Malinois with a brindle coat.
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How does a police dog help a police officer?

A police dog helps a police officer by tracking down the sent of the person that is running away from the police. Added: In addition, many law enforcement canines are trained

What is a police dog allowed to do that a police officers not allowed to do?

Bite suspects! Pee on the lawn. Police dogs can also, very generally speaking, search without a warrant. If you refuse a consentual search, a police officer can have his dog w

How do police officers use Geometry?

Many police diagrams are created and recorded using triangulation or base line mapping. Both require geometry.

What tools do police officer use?

I don't know all tools. A police officer's main tool is the computer but other tools include a patrol car, motorcycle, pistol and Taser....

When did the Police start using Police Dogs?

In the European Union, police dogs were recognized to be used in 1859. During Roman times([27 B.C] 476 A.D-1453 A.D), Romans use dogs to track down escapees.

How do police officers use math?

Police Officers use math very little during the course of their career. Math would depend on what Branch of law enforcement you cover. Example, A traffic reconstruction expert

Why do police officers use dogs?

because they can sniff out drugs or act as a theat to say he will bite u if u do try to pull something or if u run he will chase u and bite u

What kind of dog can be a police dog?

Answer!   Usually German Shepherds they are easier to train and are fast enough to catch the bad guys   Answer,   Belgian Malinois, German Shepards, Dutch Shepards,

What kind of hand gun does police officers in California use?

Each law enforcement agency prescribes what sidearms may be carried by their officers. California agencies furnish handguns to their sworn employees, and these are usually a s

How long does police dog work together with the police officers?

Police Officers and their K-9's share a special bond as equal partners focused on a common goal. Many police K-9's are specially bread for the work they are intended to prefor
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What are the kinds of police officer deployment?

Unifromed patrol - undercover operations - casual clothes/bum squad operations - mobile unit patrol - motorcycle patrol - traffic unit - Special Operations/SWAT operations - d