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Greece is not in another planet,for God's sake!! There are one-parent families, two-parent families (pyrenic) and big families, when for example uncles or grandparents stay in the same house.
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What is Greece?

a country in europebeside the Adriatic sea. You should know that!

How do you get to Greece?

Greece is located in the south-east landscape of Europe.The most popular ways you can get to Greece by plane,by ship,by train or by car.

What was a ancient Greece family structure?

families lived together.these families included father,mother and children.Men married in age 25-30(like they do today).Women got married at the age of 12-16.Girls didn't have

Family life in Greece?

Family life and customs in Ancient Greece differed between thecity-states. However, all of the city-states had a patriarchalsystem. This meant that across Greece men acted as

What does greece have?

Not to be mean but maybe you should use a textbook 9if ur in school) or go to the library

What kind of money do you use in Greece?

Greece uses the Euro (symbol '€'), and has done since the start of the Euro in 2002. In the Greek alphabet the Euro is known as 'ευρώ'. On Euro banknotes

Did ancient Greece have a royal family?

Yes and no. It depends on which time period you are asking about, and which part of Greece. But is it safe to say there was never just one monarch or royal family who ruled th
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Do Greece have a royal family?

76i7v o87 ov Yes they do but they are in exile. This exile is not the usual banishment but more of a self exile due to the political climate of the late 1960's. Constantine II