What kind of food do koi fish eat?

koi fish would normally eat goldfish food try tetra fin goldfish flakes they are made for goldfish and koi
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What kind of human food can you feed your koi fish?

I've been wondering the same question, so i did some research. I found they seem to like oatmeal and uncooked rice, really just any dry starch. My kids always love to dig up w (MORE)

What do Koi Carp eat besides fish food?

Koi will eat guppies or small goldfish readily. In fact, koi will eat most small fish. They will also eat water vegetation as well. I suggest duckweed. They will eat quite a (MORE)

What do Koi Fish eat?

fish food  You can choose to not feed them at all because Koi are bottom feeders, and the more you feed them the less algae they will eat. Feeding koi is done only for entert (MORE)
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Do Koi Fish eat goldfish?

Koi are omnivorous and will eat just about any fish that is small enough to fit in their mouths. Koi are essentially pond fish and were bred with broad colourfull backs and gr (MORE)

Will koi fish eat goldfish?

No they will not. If the goldfish are too large the Koi will leave them alone. If however they are small then if the Koi can fit them into their mouths they will indeed eat go (MORE)

Do turtles eat koi fish?

Turtles are in fact herbivores and carnivores so they can possibly feed on koi fish
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What kind of food do bass fish eat?

believe it or not bass actually love pizza dough or any kind of  dough, just roll it into a ball and stick it on a hook. Bass also  like worms (real ones). You can also try (MORE)

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