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What kind of foods do Turkish people eat?

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There are many different kinds of foods such as: lamb chops, Turkish kebabs, yayla çorba (plataue soup), köfte (turkish meatballs), döner (slices of meat in a sandwich), pilav (rice), shish (grilled meat or chicken), and many many more.
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What kinds of food do polish people eat?

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Do Turkish people eat turkey?

Turkish people do eat turkey if they please. Turkish people have  the same diets as any other people that live anywhere else in the  world.

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What kind of food do polish people eat?

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Do Turkish people eat goat?

  Yes, sometimes. However, goats are primarily raised for their milk, which in turn, is used to make cheese.

Do Turkish people eat dogs?

No. Traditionally, Turkish are Muslims and are forbidden from eating dogs.

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