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What kind of gifts do Scottish people give for Christmas?

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Just regular presents that most other countries give to each other i.e. Americans & English people might give toys, video games etc.
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Why do people give gifts to others on Christmas?

Gifts at Christmas are symbolic of the gift of grace Jesus gave to us through his sacraficial death on the cross. It's also symbolic of the 'love thy neighbor as thyself' mess

What is the best gift to give during Christmas?

The best gift to give during Christmas is something that money cannot buy. It's not even for sale at any shopping center and it is free. Know what it is? Love is the best gift

Do Buddhists people give gifts on vesak what kind of gifts do they give?

Yes, because Buddhists believe deeply in compassion and helping others they traditionally may give very small gifts. Usually, gifts are centered around charity. They will vi

Do polish people have any gift giving traditions for Christmas?

Yes, they do. On the Christmas Eve after eating a meal (made of 12 different dishes!) they are going to open the gifts that were put under the Christmas Tree. It's on the 24th

When at Christmas do the Spanish give gifts?

If by Spanish you mean anybody of Latin American or Central American nationality, in most cases, we exchange gifts during Christmas Eve. However, it depends on how they have b
In Ireland

Why do people give gifts on Christmas day?

we give gifts on Christmas day to celebrate jesus's birthday  cuz  The reason is that the creator of the universe has given a very special gift to you: the first Christmas

What started Christmas gift giving?

That would have to be the three wise men who brought the baby Jesus gifts of frankincense and mirh. I think that giving gifts at Christmas is a way of representing the gift o

What are appropriate gifts to give Jews at Christmas?

Most branches of Judaism do not celebrate Christmas. They do not believe that Christ is the son of God, so it is a holiday that is outside of their beliefs. However, they do c

Do Mormons give gifts at Christmas?

Yes. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(the "Mormon" church) celebrate Christmas and follow the samecustoms that are common in their nation or culture,