What kind of insurance do you need if you host private wine dinners in people's homes?

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Party and Alcohol liability if the dinner/party is a substantial length of time and ppl. Inquire with your existing broker/agent to see if they offer it.
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What insurance is needed to pick up and deliver other people's cars?

Liability insurance . Talk to any insurance agent, but I would think any businessliability insurance would cover you. Actually, the owner'sinsurance would probably cover any liability to someone you hitwith his car, and if he has full coverage, his damage too. However,that company will probably try (MORE)

What insurance do you need for a home business?

Insurance for a Home Business . First check, your homeowners insurance policy. Your home policy may not cover your business needs but check with your agent first about additional coverage.. The things to consider include:. Equipment insurance - coverage for your computer, fax machine, etc. . (MORE)

What kind of insurance do you need for a retail store?

There are many ways to package insurance but most retail stores areeligible for a BOP, short for business owners package. Busienssowners packages combine many of the coverages you may needincluding property coverage for your inventory or building, andliability coverage in case someone was hurt on yo (MORE)

Do private chefs need liability insurance?

A Chef could need the coverage depending on the work environment. Self Employed or Employed. If your a Chef working in the employ of another, the liability insurance requirement would fall on the employer and there would be no need for the Chef to buy it again. If Self employed, you should pro (MORE)

What is title insurance and do you need it when refinancing your home?

Title insurance is usually required by the lender to protect the lender against loss resulting from claims by others against your new home. In some states, attorneys offer title insurance as part of their services in examining title and providing a title opinion. The attorney's fee may include the t (MORE)

What kind of insurance is needed for body piercing?

Answer . Buy a piercing-specific policy. Assuming you have a store, it will cover inventory, lost wages, etc.. You can't buy a policy for body piercing unless you have several years of verifiable experiance, then you still will not be able to purchase malpractice insurance.

What kind of insurance is needed for a dog kennel?

Answer . If you are raising dogs to sell, and members of the public will be coming onto your property to see them, then you need bodily injury liability coverage in case someone is bitten, or is injured while on your property.\nIf you are boarding OTHER people's dogs, you also need liability insu (MORE)

What kind of insurance do you need for a restaurant?

Answer . A restaurant Business Owners policy with good liability should do the trick. You'll also need workers comp, and for the owner, life insurance, Disability Insurance and eventually a good retirement plan. Call an agent that works with commercial insurance.

What kind of insurance do you need for henna tattoos?

You NEED public liability insurance (if you are mobile) and public liability and buildings liability if working from a salon (or at festivals for your festival tent). you cannot get insurance for BLACK HENNA as it is very unsafe and no-one in the UK would insure you to use it It also helps if yo (MORE)

What kind of insurance is needed in construction?

The amount of coverage may vary from state to state. Commonly, a million dollar liability policy is needed. In most states, a construction company must be registered with the state and is granted a license. During the registration, you must show that you are covered by an insurance policy.. There a (MORE)

What kind of insurance do you need for a Locksmith business?

Answer . You would want to protect yourself with a business liability policy of some kind, most certainly, contact a good agent in your area they will be able to assist you with coverages for this particular business...good luck to you !!

What kind of liability insurance does a private in home - tutor or teacher - need to get?

Contact a good agent in your area, I think I would start first with my home owners agent for advise, there could be an endorsement that is available, that you can attach to your homeowners policy. If not the agent will be able to refer you to another agent that can be of assistance I'm sure. *** (MORE)

What kind of insurance do lawyers need?

Liability insurance, often termed "malpractice insurance. Yes, as far as I know, attorney clients have the ability to sue their attorney's ( especially in felony cases" ) where the attorney does not inform his client of important decisions he intends to make that will clearly hurt the case. Also, Co (MORE)

What kind of insurance do you need for a yoga studio?

At a minimum you should carry a general liability policy that protects you again any claim such as a slip and fall etc. on your premises. I would recommend at least $500,000 in coverage. . Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find info (MORE)

How much liability insurance does a private bartender need?

The answer, like the answer to all liability limits qustions, depends on two factors:. 1. How much can a private bartender be successfully sued for?. 2. Is there a premium point (for payment of increasingly higher liability insurance coverage limits) beyond which you are willing to assume the risk (MORE)

Do you need to have a wine license to purchase wine at cost for at home wine dinners?

Yes, in order to purchase wines at cost your business must have an alcohol licence. Wine licenses are only issued by the ABC (alcohol control board) to businesses. There are ways to purchase wines at a discount. If you are purchasing a large amount of wine (what a large amount is depends on the reta (MORE)

How do you get a privately purchased car with no insurance home?

You must either get someone with a car transporter to deliver it or mor usually arrange insurance cover for it on the day/time you purcahse it. You should be able to arrange this in principle with an insurance company and confirm the insurance/purchase by phone when you have struck the deal.

What kind of insurance in needed for a new car?

This is somewhat complicated. Each state has laws designating minimal liability insurance. Liability insurance pays for the other vehicle if you were in an accident. Some states are "no fault" which basically means it doesnt matter who is at fault each driver just takes care of the others. . Thi (MORE)

If you own your home do you still need insurance?

If you have paid off your mortgage and do not have a lien on the home you are not required to have insurance in most placed. But only a fool would not have basic homeowners insurance even if they were not required to. What if your home burns down?

Is wine with dinner good for the health?

Drinking a glass of wine (or beer or distilled spirits) with dinner promotes good health. Drinking alcohol in moderation is now known to be associated with better health and greater longevity than is either abstaining or abusing alcohol. Abusing alcohol for many years can cause health problems (MORE)

Would you need a lot of wine making equipment to make wine at home?

grapes are sometimes crushed by trampling them barefoot or by the use of inexpensive small scale crushers. You need bottles and "juice" extracting devices as well as a fermenting station. The amount of wine making equipment depends on your desired quality of wine and you financial budget.

Who needs home owner insurance?

as everything you need insurance to protect you from things that can happen to something so you'll get a reduction on the full price of it. your insurance company will pay for it. you should get home owner insurance to help you in accidents and to be safe.

Why would a person need to get private health insurance?

If a person does not have a job, or if their job does not provide health insurance, then the person might choose to buy private health insurance. It is usually less expensive to purchase health insurance through ones employer, but part time, contingent or contract personnel might not qualify for ins (MORE)

What kind of Health Insurance do you need?

We need two important things here: 1. Personal Protection - The case where the policy holder (you and me) is covered for all ailments that involve hospitalization and treatment for the same. The amount that the insurance company would pay would depend on the premium we are willing to pay. This a (MORE)

Is there homeowners insurance for a home that needs repairs?

It depends on what type of repairs you are talking about and what type of insurance you need. I assume that you have been denied insurance due to the condition of the home, right? Talk with your agent or another agent and be up front about the situation. You probably will not be able to purchase hom (MORE)

Do you need a license to teach private music lessons at home?

There is, at this time, no governmental licensing system in place in the US for regulating the teaching if private music lessons at home. There are ways of determining the ability of a teacher, for instance, formal degrees in music, ability demonstrated in performance and observed ability to teach d (MORE)

Why does anyone need home insurance?

Home insurance protects the owner from catastrophic event. Flood, fire, hail or major storm can cause extreme damage if not totally decimate a home. The costs to repair or rebuild would be so astronomic that most homeowners are simply not in a position to afford.

What kind of home insurance does Rias offer?

At RIAS we believe that customers who take better care of their home and possessions deserve to be rewarded. That's why we specialise in providing affordable, flexible, Defaqto 5 star rated** home cover for the over 50s. With two decades of experience and nearly a million customers, we're in positio (MORE)

What kind of insurance do car collectors need?

It is best to insure every car in your collection with full coverage as long as you drive them. If however you don't drive them and they sit in your garage most of the day they should be covered from theft and other serious nature related accidents by your normal insurance.

What kind of equipment is required to make wine at home?

One will need at least two very large glass vessels with a narrow, but open top to put the liquid in. One puts the grape juice to be fermented in this. One adds yeast, inserts a water trap in a rubber bung, to allow the fermentation gases to esacpe without spoiling the developing wine. One will need (MORE)

Do you need to carry home insurance?

Thats really a matter of personal opinion and choices. But if youhave a mortgage note, you almost certainly need it because it ispart of your mortgage contract that you signed when you took outthe financing on the house. If your home is paid off then it's apersonal decision that the home owner has t (MORE)

How do you become a private insurance home health provider?

Home health care is a rapidly growing business as more elderlypersons and their families turn to home care as a means of allowingseniors to remain safely in their own homes and avoid moving tonursing homes or assisted living facilities. If you want to own ahome health care business, be aware that th (MORE)