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  • You could work as staff in a residential treatment center for kids, adolscents, or young adults (working directly with the clients/patients). You could work at a state mental hospital as a psych tech. You may possibly qualify for a SSW license depending on the state you are in, which would open a bunch of other employment doors for you.
  • You can of course be a psychologist, after earning a PhD and being licensed by the state in which you want to practice. An associates degree will not help you very much in landing your first job. Even many assistant or intern positions require at least a bachelors, and to get fully certified you'll need a master's degree.
  • It is hard to get a job with only an Associates degree in Psychology. Most employers require experience along with the education. To get experience, try volunteering with somewhere maybe one or two days a week to get that experience.
  • You might look for a job as drug counselor or on a crisis hotline. High-paying jobs will be very competitive and will probably require at least a bachelors degree, if not a masters or PhD.
  • It's difficult to get a job with a Psychology degree unless you have at least a Master's. An Associate's degree can only get you the most menial of psych jobs, like a medical receptionist or an orderly in an institution.
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