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Many organizations, including federal, state, local agencies and those in the corporate sector, recognize the benefits of hiring individuals in entry level positions with a well rounded education. The Associates in Arts degrees provide such a foundation where individuals are exposed to a variety of course work in Composition, Oral communication, humanities, social sciences, math, as well as exact sciences etc. Nonetheless, the Associates in Arts degrees are really programs of study that are not designed as terminal degrees. They were developed to fulfill the general cluster of a four year institutions first to years of study, while also fulfilling career specific prerequisites for the higher level major and minor requirements that are particular to a defined field of study. Nonetheless, the job opportunities with the associates may - in part - be dependent of which Associates in Arts an individual has completed. In other words, the Associates in Arts is a general term that can cover a multitude of areas to include the following:
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Liberal Arts
  • Fine Arts
  • Criminal Justice
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Education
  • International Studies
  • Film
  • Psychology
  • Urban Studies
  • American Studies
  • Public administration

The above majors are just a sampling of career areas; there are many more. Some individuals will attempt to find employment within their field of study while others may branch out into something totally different.
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