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What kind of joint is in the toe?

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hinge joint
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What kind of joints are there?

well, There are many joints in our body.; Ball and Socket joint, hinge joint, pivot joint, and saddle point and immoveable joint.

What kind of joint is a scapulothoracic joint?

  The scapulothoracic joint is not a true joint in the sense in that it has no capsule or ligamentous attachments. It is more precisely identified as the scapulothoracic a

What kind of joint is a multiaxial joint?

A multiaxial joint is a type of synovial joint. The x-axial refers to how many planes of the movement the specific joint provides, so in the case of a multiaxial joint, that m

Is Big toe joint replacement reccommended?

The need for any procedure such as this would have to depend on the circumstances and require consultation with health professionals dealing with your particular situation. Ho

How many joints are there in the human toe?

What toe are you referring to? In your first digit (big toe) there is only one joint. In digits 2-5 (the rest of your toes) you have two joints. Unless you are also counting y

The spine joint is what kind of joint?

Your spine is a gliding joint. It helps you to twist and dance and bend over. EXPERIMENT: try dancing or doing a movement that will prove to you that your spine is a gliding

What type of joint is in your toe joint?

The joints in all 10 of your toes are hinge joints. They allow your toes to move only forward (flexion) and backward (extension). The hinge joint is also called a ginglymus jo