What kind of music does new jersey listen to?

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House music.
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What kind of music do New Yorkers listen to?

They listen to the same music as people in Chicago, Tampa, Miami, Los Angelas, or any other city in the United States. With modern media, music has become a lot less regional.

What kind does china listen to music?

they listen many kind of music. no only listen Chinese music,but also Americans. also listen to other countrys music i am a Chinese from china. so i knows it.

What kind of music did the Romans listen to?

They played there own music because they couldent just turn on an ipod so they played it here are some examples Some Roman Instruments.... Tuba (trumpet) Trigonum (smal

What kind of music does New Zealand listen to?

As Aotearoa New Zealand * is now a largely westernized country, people in Aotearoa New Zealand listen to a lot of the same music as people in other western nations. The pop ch
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What kind of music do the people from papua new guinea listen to?

This question can really only be answered by generalizing. Recreational music is the normal pop music that is on any other Western country's radio. Though the majority of yout